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Core Team

Eija Pehu (World Bank)
Project Leader

Eija Pehu joined the Agriculture and Rural Development Department of the World Bank in 2000 as the Advisor on Science and Technology. She leads the Department’s program on sustainable agriculture and is the gender focal point for the Department and for the Bank-wide Gender in Rural Development Thematic Group. Prior to joining the World Bank she was the Professor of Agronomy at the University of Helsinki.

Yianna Lambrou (FAO)

Yianna Lambrou is Senior Officer in the Gender, Equity and Rural Employment Division of the Economic and Social Development Department at FAO in Rome since 1999. Prior to joining FAO she worked as Senior Expert at Canada's IDRC (International Development Research Centre)  on gender, environmental and community resource management issues. Over several years she has worked for CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) and taught Development Studies at Trent University ; Latin American Politics and Development at the Carleton University ; and Third World Development at the University of Ottawa. She was Director of Development at Amnesty International in London, and Project Officer at Oxfam Canada. She has published amongst others on peasant cooperatives, agrarian reform, emergencies and reconstruction, indicators, indigenous knowledge and recently on topics such as policy for natural resources management, gender climate change and gender and bioenergy. Yianna Lambrou holds a PhD in Rural Sociology from York University in Toronto and is a Canadian/Greek national.

Maria Hartl (IFAD)


Maria Hartl is a Technical Adviser on Gender and Social Equity at the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Rome. Previously, she worked at the United Nations Secretariat in New York and for non-governmental organizations.  Areas of special expertise and interest include gender equality, rural development, education and training.

Catherine Ragasa (World Bank)


Catherine Ragasa is an Agricultural Economist working at the Sustainable Agriculture team in Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) Department. She currently works on gender dimensions in agriculture as well as analytical work and knowledge-sharing activities on agricultural science and technology, and innovation systems.   She was involved in several analytical pieces in the World Bank including the Directions in Development book on “Agricultural Growth for the Poor: An Agenda for Development; “Capturing the Benefits of GMOs for the Poor,” focus section and background paper for WDR2008; “Health-enhancing Foods: Opportunities for Strengthening the Sector in the Developing Countries,” ARD Discussion Paper; case studies and training materials for the “Economic Development in Fragile Upland Ecosystems in Lao PDR”, among others. Catherine holds a Ph.D. from Michigan State University in Agricultural Economics (2008), and she received her Master's degree in Economics from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Manila in 2001.

Chitra Deshpande (FAO/IFAD)


Chitra Deshpande is presently the Programme Officer for Quality Assurance in the Office of the Vice President at the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).   Prior to joining IFAD, she was a gender and development consultant for the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Food Programme.  At FAO, Chitra was the Day-to-Day Coordinator for the Gender in Agriculture Sourcebook and assisted in the preparation of FAO’s Gender and Development Plan of Action (2008-2013).  She received her DPhil in Geography and MPhil in Development Studies from Oxford University.  For her DPhil thesis she compared the empowerment of men and women in the Hindu Right political party Shiv Sena in Maharashtra, India.  Prior to receiving her doctorate degree, Chitra was a management consultant at Booz-Allen & Hamilton in New York, USA.  She also received an M.A. in Food Research and B.A. in History from Stanford University.  Her research interests include gender empowerment, South Asian politics and immigration.  She lives in Rome, Italy with her husband and son.

LubockAnnina Lubbock (IFAD)


Annina Lubbock is Senior Technical Adviser, Gender and Poverty Targeting in the Technical Advisory Division, International Fund for Agricultural Development (Rome).  She has been with IFAD since 1996. A social anthropologist, she previously worked for in social research in Italy  and as a consultant for several multilaterals and bilateral development agencies and NGOs. She has lived and worked in Africa and Asia. Her field of expertise and interest are gender equality, poverty analysis and targeting.

Lynn Brown (World Bank)


Lynn Brown joined the Agriculture and Rural Development staff of the World Bank 10 years ago. She specializes in food security, gender and rural development. She is currently based in Dhaka, where she is responsible for the nutrition portfolio of the largest health sector wide program in the world.


Prior to this she worked in central unit of agriculture and rural development in the World Bank’s Washington Headquarters. She was a core team member of the World Development Report for Agriculture and Rural Development responsible for gender integration.


From 2004 – 2006 she was seconded to the United Nations World Food Program. As an economic policy adviser, she engaged in strategic policy work in many countries including Syria and Lesotho. She was in charge of WFP’s policy and operations engagement in the Gambia during preparations of the UN Development Assistance Strategy. She was a founding member of the OECD’s task-team on risk and vulnerability.


Prior to joining the World Bank Lynn worked at the International Food Policy Research Institute where she co-led IFPRI’s work on  the effects of intra-household resource allocation on food security.Lynn undertook Ph.D. graduate studies at Cornell University and holds an M.Sc. in quantitative development economics from the University of Warwick, England.  She is an author of numerous research papers, book chapters, and co-editor of a book.

Meena Munshi (World Bank)


Meena M. Munshi is a Senior Economist in the Sustainable Development Department, South Asia Region of the World. Bank.  She brings substantial technical and project knowledge, 16+ years field experience in the Bank with senior responsibilities and has been an agent for change within the Bank.  Dr. Munshi has a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics and has worked in different capacities in Middle-East and North Africa regions, and during the last ten years, South Asia – in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.  Currently, she is based in Bangladesh and is leading Community Driven Development (CDD) programs in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India.  She has designed and implemented several projects in watershed management, rural water supply and sanitation, empowerment and poverty reduction/livelihood improvement and specializes in Community Driven Development approaches and local level governance and institutions. Prior to her tenure with the World Bank, Dr. Munshi was a post-doctoral fellow at the Center for South Asian Studies in the University of Virginia; and taught developmental economics at the University of Virginia and Sweet Briar College, Virginia.































































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