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Resources for Agriculture Public Expenditure Reviews

agper homepageThis web site provides a resource base for conducting Agriculture Public Expenditure Reviews (AgPERs). Developed by the Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) of the World Bank, as part an on-going partnership with the Department for International Development (DFID) on Public Expenditure in Agriculture, the web site contains various resources on available tools and methods that may be used in analyzing public expenditures in the agriculture sector. It also pulls together many published studies that have analyzed expenditures in the agricultural sector.


Three of every four people in developing countries live in rural areas. Most depend on agriculture for their livelihoods, directly or indirectly. Investing more and better in agriculture could dramatically reduce rural poverty and contribute to growth. This web site was put together as part of a process to improve the analysis of public expenditures in agriculture and to increase awareness of the process and political economy of public spending in the sector to enhancing understanding of the linkages between spending in agriculture and outcomes. It is hoped that this site will be a valuable resource for anyone tasked with analyzing expenditures in the agriculture sector.


Material of possible relevance to the analysis of public expenditure in agriculture is organized as a single site to enable easy access to information. The reference material draws primarily, but not exclusively, from World Bank literature.



For ideas and suggestions on how to improve this web site or to contribute relevant material, please contact Chris Delgado (ARD) at, copied to Yurie Tanimichi Hoberg at, Saswati Bora at and Marketa Jonasova (ARD) at

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