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Partnerships & Coordination

The United Nations
     The United Nations System Influenza Coordinator (UNSIC), David Nabarro, and the World Bank are working closely together to ensure coordination across international agencies at the country and global levels. International conferences and meetings serve to monitor the global response, improve  coordination, and sustain political commitment to avian flu control. UNSIC and the World Bank are supporting these meeting by jointly reporting on the flows of funds pledged by donors and on the results being achieved, identifying gaps, and resolving conflicts. Their reports provide a single integrated set of information, pulling together reports on country programs, technical updates, and reports from donors and agencies involved in the response.

World Bank/UNSIC reports
     The World Bank and UNSIC jointly author biannual avian influenza preparedness progress reports.  These reports analyze global progress in addressing the avian and pandemic influenza threats, including country-by-country updates.  The first joint UNSIC/World Bank progress report, which was discussed at the June 2006 Vienna Senior Officials Meeting on Avian & Human Pandemic Influenza, is available 
 here. The fifth and most recent status report,  Animal and Pandemic Influenza: A Framework for Sustaining Momentum, was discussed at the Hanoi, Vietnam International Ministerial Conference on Animal & Human Pandemic Influenza in April 2010.  Executive summaries of the


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 report in the six UN languages are available on the  Publications page of this website.

At the conclusion of the New Delhi International Ministerial Conference held in December 2007, the Government of India released  A Vision and Road Map to guide vital national efforts to control avian influenza and prepare for the next influenza pandemic, in hope that countries will regard it as a tool for their own planning and program development and use its benchmarks when assessing progress.  The Road Map may also be helpful when nations consider other threats to human security stemming from infectious diseases at the animal-human interface.  The World Bank and UNSIC have been asked to help developing countries to make good use of the New Delhi Road Map, encouraging national authorities are to adapt the Road Map to their particular circumstances and needs.

Donor Pledges
     The World Bank and UNSIC coordinate to produce regular reports on the financial framework and financing needs of the global avian flu response effort.  The reports, updated prior to each pledging conference, provide updated estimates of the financing needs and gaps per region, as well as for the UN system and OIE to fight avian and human influenza. To download these reports, please visit the 
 Publications & Reports page.

     The World Bank has worked with UNSIC, donors, and lead technical agencies to coordinate the following international conferences on avian and pandemic influenza:

Apr. 2010Hanoi International Ministerial Conference on ‘Animal and Pandemic Influenza: The Way Forward'
Oct. 2008Sharm El-Sheikh International Ministerial Conference on Avian & Pandemic Influenza
Dec. 2007New Delhi International Ministerial Conference on Avian & Human Pandemic Influenza
March 2007 Verona Vaccination Conference
Dec. 2006  Bamako International Conference on Avian Influenza
June 2006 Vienna Senior Officials Meeting on Avian and Human Pandemic Influenza
March 2006 Washington Consultations
Jan. 2006 Beijing International Pledging Conference on Avian and Human Influenza
Nov. 2005 Geneva Global Partners Conference on Avian and Human Pandemic Influenza

Additional Information on UN Coordination
     To learn more about how international agencies and national authorities are improving the effectiveness of the global response to the avian and human pandemic influenza threats, read the Joint Note from the World Bank and the United Nations about the coordination of assistance to country programs.

     The UN Influenza portal provides valuable tools to improve coordination among official and private sector organizations. Among them is a Calendar of International Conferences. Please send information to correct or update this calendar to

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