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A Highly Effective Response to H5N1 in LAO PDR

SenegalLao PDR suffered its first outbreak of H5N1 in 2004 and has suffered a series of outbreaks since then, with two deaths being reported in 2007. Recognizing the severity of the situation, and the risk that the country could emerge as a regional epicenter for the disease, the Government responded at the highest level, preparing a National Plan and subsequently requested a grant from the AHI Facility, receiving an initial $2 million and a subsequent grant of $2.4 million. As in most countries these funds have supplemented, leveraged and provided continuity to programs supported by the donors and international agencies.

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Safeguarding Livelihoods

Developing Preparedness in Sri Lanka

Sri LankaUnlike most of its South-East Asian neighbors, Sri Lanka has so far been fortunate enough not to experience an outbreak of H5N1. The emphasis of the AHI grant has been on preparedness. Even without an animal or public health crisis to provide urgency and focus considerable progress has been made and the country’s capacity to monitor the situation and respond has been greatly enhanced. The AHI Facility has leveraged other sources of funds and provided Sri Lanka the resources necessary to strengthen an already well developed animal health and public health systems, supported unprecedented collaboration across the sectors and at multiple administrative levels and has strengthened the surveillance system considerably.

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