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Mar 25, 2008Cambodia’s Efforts to Fight Avian Flu Get World Bank, Multidonor SupportPress Release
Feb 28, 2008It's Still Out There: Why We Should Still Worry About Avian FluFeature Story
Dec 7, 2007Donors Pledge Extra $406 Million in Bird Flu FundsPress Review
Dec 6, 2007European Commission Grants to Avian Flu Facility Exceed €70 MillionPress Release
Dec 4, 2007Bird Flu Pandemic Could Cost 2 Trillion DollarsPress Review
Oct 8, 2007Bangladesh Receives US$2 Million Grant from Avian Flu FacilityPress Release
August 28, 2007Uzbeikistan Rural Restructuring Agency Hosts the Avian Influenza Control and Human Preparedness and Response Project Launch Workshop | Read in RussianPress Release
July 26, 2007Bangladesh to Get US$16 Million from World BankPress Release
May 3, 2007World Bank Supports Avian Influenza Control and Human Preparedness and Response Project in Uzbekistan | Read in RussianPress Release
Apr 26, 2007China Avian Flu Prevention Capacity Project Launched | Read in Chinese Press Release
Feb 14, 2007Multi-Donor Facility Supports Armenia's Efforts for Avian Influenza PreparedenessNews Release
Feb 14, 2007Armenia Receives Grant to Strengthen Its Avian Influenza PreparationsPress Release
Jan 11, 2007World Bank Supports Afghanistan's Efforts to Combat Avian InfluenzaPress Release
Jan 9, 2007Avian Flu 2007: Virus Continues to SpreadFeature Story
Jan 3, 2007Bamako Meeting Keeps Focus on Avian Influenza ThreatPress Release
Dec. 28, 2006Six Grants Totalling US$28 million Approved by Facility to Fight Avian FluPress Release
Dec 6, 2006Bird Flu Experts Gather in Mali to Raise Billions to Fight Deadly VirusPress Review
Nov 14, 2006A Season for FluFeature Story

Sep 26, 2006

US$13 Million Grant to Fight Avian Flu in the West Bank and Gaza Approved by the World Bank

Press Release

Sep 26, 2006

Donors To Help Nigeria Look For Bird Flu Outbreaks

Press Review

Sep 16, 2006

World Bank: $15 Million Avian Flu Grant for Indonesia

Feature Story

Sep 08, 2006

World Bank Approves Loan For Avian Influenza Control, Human Pandemic Preparedness And Response In Romania

Press Release

Aug 25, 2006

Important Agreement between Government and International Specialists on the Path Forward in Fighting Avian Influenza in Indonesia

Press Release
Aug 16, 2006Jackie Chan in Bird Flu Public Service AnnouncementPress Release
Aug 14, 2006

New Avian Flu Facility Awards Its First Grant To The Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Press Release
Jun 29, 2006

Avian Flu: The Economic Costs

Feature Story
Jun 29, 2006

Avian Flu: The Economic Costs

Jun 29, 2006

Economic Impacts of Avian Influenza Propagation

Jun 14, 2006

Animal Diseases: Emerging Global Threat - Discussion with François Le Gall

Discussion Transcript
Jun 12, 2006

Conversation with François Le Gall

Transcript/ Video
Jun 12, 2006

Concern Grows over Animal Health, Diseases

Feature Story
Jun 07, 2006

European Commission Helps to Establish $70 Million Avian Flu Facility at World Bank

Press Release
Jun 05, 2006

Be prepared, Act Fast: Managing the Avian Flu Risk in South Asia

Feature Story
Jun 05, 2006

World Bank Supports Armenia’s Efforts For Avian Influenza Preparedness

Press Release
Jun 01, 2006Georgia: World Bank Supports Avian Influenza Control Press Release
May 17, 2006World Bank and Government of Turkey Sign Loan Agreement for Avian Flu Preparedness and Response Press Release
Apr 25, 2006World Bank Helps Turkey Finance Avian Flu Plan Feature Story
Apr 24, 2006World Bank Supports Avian Influenza And Human Pandemic Preparedness And Response In Turkey Press Release
Mar 28, 2006World Bank Supports Nigeria’s Efforts To Combat Avian Flu Press Release
Mar 28, 2006World Bank Supports Azerbaijan In The Fight Against Avian FluPress Release
Mar 28, 2006More Countries Set to Gain AssistanceFeature Story
Mar 14, 2006IMF Predicts Sharp But Short-Lived Global ImpactFeature Story
Feb 24, 2006Emergency Aid for Nigeria to Combat Avian Flu Feature Story
Feb 09, 2006First World Bank Avian Flu Grant to Kyrgyz Republic Feature Story
Feb 09, 2006World Bank Supports Avian Influenza Preparedness, Response In The Kyrgyz Republic Press Release
Feb 09, 2006Avian Flu – What Now After Beijing? Feature Story
Jan 18, 2006Donors Pledge US$1.9 BillionPress Release
Jan 18, 2006Wolfowitz Address to Donors' ConferenceSpeech
Jan 17, 2006Bank Board Endorses Funding Plan to Combat Avian FluFeature Story
Jan 13, 2006More Than US$1 Billion Needed to Combat Avian FluFeature Story
Jan 13, 2006World Bank Urges Countries in Europe and Central Asia to Get Ready for Bird FluFeature Story
Dec 05, 2005Avian Flu - Discussion with Milan BrahmbhattDiscussion Transcript
Nov 09, 2005Global Influenza Meeting Sets Key Action Steps, Agrees On Urgent Need For FinancingPress Release
Nov 08, 2005Avian Flu: Economic Losses Could Top US$800 BillionFeature Story
Nov 07, 2005Partners Meeting on Avian Influenza and Human Pandemic Influenza Meeting
Nov 04, 2005New Global Program to Deal with Avian FluFeature Story
Nov 02, 2005Economic Impact of the Avian FluFeature Story
Sep 28, 2005Seeking Coordinated Approach to Bird FluFeature Story
Sep 23, 2005Avian Influenza: Economic and Social ImpactsSpeech
Sep 15, 2005Avian Flu: Averting a Global PandemicFeature Story
Aug 04, 2005Vietnam: Emergency Credit of $5 Million for Avian Flu ControlPress Release

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