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Global and Country Initiatives

WBI carries out capacity development interventions and programs in different countries and contexts.


Global and Regional Initiatives

National Slum Upgrading and Prevention 

WBI, jointly with Cities Alliance, UN-HABITAT, GTZ, and Inter-American Development Bank, launched a global initiative to looks at ways of scaling up slums and achieving affordable housing through national policy reforms and programmatic approaches.


China-Africa Knowledge Exchange Workshop in Uganda 

To help Tsinghua University faculty better understand Africa’s development context and challenges and to promote partnerships with African education and research institutions, WBI and Uganda Management Institute organized a China-Africa Knowledge Exchange Workshop in Kampala (Uganda) on January 25-27, 2010. 


Global Learning Course for Country Contexts 

In the mid-1990s, donors recognized that government officials working in the health sector lacked the training and support systems needed to achieve their goals. The donors asked WBI to create learning programs for low- and middle-income countries struggling with health sector reform. The result is a global core course offered annually in Washington, D.C. that has expanded to include partnerships with regional institutions to adapt course material for audiences around the world.


Latin America - Strengthening the Capacity of Parliaments 

Since 1993, WBI's Parliamentary Strengthening Program  has worked with partner organizations to offer more than 350 learning events on topics of relevance to parliaments. A large portion of these training activities were aimed at strengthening parliaments’ role in implementing national anti-corruption strategies, with a particular emphasis on oversight over public finances.


Country-based Initiatives

Uganda – Transforming Water Utilities Pilot Program

WBI’s new pilot learning program, “Designing and Implementing Successful Water Utility Reform,” examines the core issues that managers of underperforming utilities confront on a daily basis. Through lectures, case studies, and interactive discussions, participants gain knowledge to understand, identify and enable transformational change within their utility. 


Burundi - Cell Phones and Radio Counter Corruption

To open a national conversation about issues of importance to the general public, and especially Burundi's vulnerable youth, and to give the youth an opportunity to become part of a process of creating a legitimate state, WBI has partnered with International Alert and Burundi's Radio Publique Africaine to provide a call-in radio program that makes audiences part of the conversation.



Archives of previous initiatives


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