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About the Capacity Development Resource Center

More than 20 percent of the World Bank's lending and a majority of non-lending services focus on capacity development. Working closely with various units in the Bank, the World Bank Institute (WBI) helps connects practitioners, networks, and institutions to help them find solutions to their capacity development challenges. WBI collborates with partners to develop a range of customized programs and knowledge products that respond to specific needs.


The Capacity Development Resource Center (CDRC), part of WBI, aims to be a connector of knowledge, learning, and innovation in capacity development for the benefit of the development community and results-oriented practice


CDRC showcases the Bank’s cutting-edge experiences in this area, highlighting country and sector-wide approaches and instruments focused on results. Specifically, the CDRC compiles working papers, literature, strategy notes, and diagnostics related to capacity development, and provides links to global, regional, and country-based development institutions, agencies and other capacity development knowledge sources. 


For more information about capacity development visit the World Bank Institute.



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