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Leadership is a tool of change and development. Leaders play a key role in transforming society. Leadership is about defining a vision, energizing it and seeing it through. In recent years, a growing body of literature has recognized the importance of leadership in implementation of reforms to alleviate poverty in development.

This compilation of links and materials highlights the World Bank’s shared understanding of the role of leadership in development and the ways Bank teams can support leadership in partner countries to deliver effective poverty reduction and sustainable growth. It is a joint product of three World Bank units: Fragile States Unit in Operations Policy and Country Services, World Bank Institute units, and the Public Sector Group. Since 2001, these units have conducted more than 40 different leadership activities in more than 20 countries: (1) stabilize fragile states, (2) accelerate reforms and (3) support public sector, ethics and integrity in development.

We present a common conceptual framework to guide Bank-wide practice in leadership support (Building on an Emerging Leadership and Development Paradigm). The framework suggests elements of Definition and Dimensions of Leadership, and explores links between Leadership, Governance and Capacity Building. The framework approaches leadership as a tool to move society from one (steady) state to another. By enabling individuals, organizations and institutions, leaders can bring systemic changes needed to foster development.

About Leadership & Development
ArrowThree Main Purposes: Stabilization, Reform, Ethics & Integrity
ArrowFragile States Unit in OPCS
ArrowWBI Leadership Capacity Development Program
ArrowPublic Sector Group
ArrowEmerging Leadership and Development Paradigm
ArrowDefinition and Dimensions of Leadership
ArrowLeadership, Governance & Capacity Building



Spotlight on Documents
ArrowRecent and Pending Leadership Development Interventions (PFD- 87 MB)
ArrowManaging the Politics of Reform(PFD- 3.18 MB)
ArrowDo leaders matter? National Leadership and Growth Since World War II(PDF - 347 KB)
ArrowBuilding Effective States, Forging Engaged Societies(PDF - 1.30 MB)
Arrow2001-2004 Some World Bank leadership activities(PDF - 310 KB)
Arrow2005-2006 Some World Bank leadership activities(PDF - 120 KB)
ArrowOther Key documents

Special Interest
ArrowInterview of Sanjay Pradhan on leadership (mp3 file - 2.28 MB)
ArrowWBI Leadership Program
ArrowFragile States Unit Approach on leadership
ArrowGovernance & Political Economy

Brown Bags
ArrowLeadership & Ethics
ArrowPublic Sector Governance

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