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Capacity Development Briefs

Sharing Knowledge and Lessons Learned

The World Bank Institute (WBI) helps countries share and apply global and local knowledge to meet development challenges. WBI's capacity development programs are designed to build skills among groups of individuals involved in performing tasks, and also to strengthen the organizations in which they work, and the sociopolitical environment in which they operate.

 Link: PDFPutting Evidence to Work: Linking Policy and Practice in Capacity Development, By Thomas Theisohn, Mark Nelson, and Janet Awimbo, June 2009, Issue No. 33

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Building Post Crisis Capacity in the Solomon Islands, By Laura Bailey, Operations Policy and Country Services, The World Bank, May 2009, Issue No. 32
 Link: PDFThe Need for a Conceptual and Results-Oriented Framework in Capacity Development: Discussion of a New Approach, By Samuel Otoo, Natalia Agapitova, Jenny Gold, and Sharon Fisher, April 2009, Issue No. 31
 Link: PDFThe Network Value Chain, By Evan Bloom, Matt Reeves, and Aaron Leonard (PDF 359kb) February 2009, Issue No. 30 
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Strengthening Southern Leadership Through A Capacity Development Alliance, By Talaat Abdel-Malek, Economic Advisor to the Minister of International Co-operation, Egypt (PDF 212kb) January 2009, Issue No. 29

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Strengthening Networks: Using Organizational Analysis to Promote Network Effectiveness, Scale, and Accountability, By Evan Bloom, Matt Reeves, Amy Sunseri, and Veronica Nyhan-Jones (PDF 408kb) August 2008, Issue No. 28   
 Link: PDFLearning By Doing: The Japanese PHRD Fund and Capacity Development, By David Potten, The World Bank (PDF 606kb) June 2008, Issue No. 27   
 Link: PDFParliament's Role in Poverty Reduction Strategies, By Cindy Kroon and Rick Stapenhurst, World Bank Institute (PDF 266kb) May 2008, Issue No. 26   
 Link: PDFAssessing Governance and Strengthening Capacity in Haiti, By Susana Carrillo, World Bank Institute, (PDF 274kb) December 2007, Issue No. 25   
 Link: PDFThe FM Revolution in Niger: Radio's Impact on Capacity Development, By Luc Peter, Stephanie Barbey, and Ajay Tejasvi (PDF 320kb) October 2007, Issue No. 24   
 Link: PDFCapacity Development in the World Bank Group: A Review of Non-lending Approaches, By Nansia Constantinou, World Bank Institute (PDF 232kb) June 2007, Issue No. 23   
 Link: PDFA Market-Based Approach to Capacity Development: How Uganda's Local Governments are Breaking New Ground, By Mark Nelson, World Bank Institute (PDF 469kb) May 2007, Issue No. 22   
 Link: PDFChallenges for New Leadership Teams in Fragile States, By Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, President of the Republic of Liberia (PDF 197kb) March 2007, Issue No. 21   
 Link: PDFSouth-South Capacity Development: The Way to Grow? By Ajay Tejasvi, World Bank Institute (PDF 215kb) February 2007, Issue No. 20  
 Link: PDFLinking Individual, Organizational, and Institutional Capacity Building to Results, By Vinod Thomas, Director-General, Independent Evaluation Group (PDF 290kb) December 2006, Issue No. 19  
 Link: PDFThe Transport Sector: A Laboratory for Good Practices in Capacity Development, By Deborah Davis (PDF 212kb) October 2006, Issue No. 18  
 Link: PDFThe Capacity to Evaluate: Why Countries Need It, By Linda Morra-Imas and Ray C. Rist, (PDF 78kb) June 2006, Issue No. 17 
 Link: PDFA Revolution in Capacity Development? Africans Ask Tough Questions, By Bathylle Missika-Wierzba, OECD, and Mark Nelson, World Bank Institute (PDF 72kb) May 2006, Issue No. 16
 Link: PDFDoes Training Work? Re-examining Donor-sponsored Training Programs in Developing Countries, By Mark Nelson (PDF 151kb) February 2006, Issue No. 15
 Link: PDFApplying a Capacity-Results Framework in Lao PDR and Other Pilot Countries, By Chirine Alameddine and Moira Hart-Poliquin (PDF 128kb) December 2005, Issue No. 14
 Link: PDFWhen Passionate Leadership Stimulates Enduring Change: A Transformational Capacity Development Anecdote from Uganda, By Nadim Matta and Patrice Murphy (PDF 120kb) October 2005, Issue No. 13
 Link: PDFWhere Capacity is Not the Only Problem: Moving from Generic Capacity Building to Support for Issues-based Change in Nigeria, By Christopher Pycroft and Richard Butterworth (PDF 139kb) September 2005, Issue No. 12
 Link: PDFCommunities of Practice for Local Capacity in Central Asia: The Community Empowerment Network, By Erik Caldwell Johnson (PDF 302kb) March 2005, Issue No. 11 
 Link: PDFDeveloping Capacity Through Networks: Lessons from Anticorruption Parliamentary Coalitions, By Meaghan Campbell and Frederick C. Stapenhurst, The World Bank (PDF 307kb) January 2005, Issue No. 10
 Link: PDFWhy Process is Important for Capacity Enhancement: The Case of Ceara, By Connie Steward, ART Lead Consultant, The Crossland Group (PDF 323kb) September 2004, Issue No. 9
 Link: PDFParliamentary Strengthening: The Case of Ghana, By Frederick C. Stapenhurst, Senior Public Sector Management Specialist, World Bank Institute (PDF 352kb) June 2004, Issue No. 8
 Link: PDFTools for Development: Public Sector Governance Reform, By Vera A. Wilhelm, Senior Economist, PRMVP, and Inna Kushnarova, Consultant, PRMVP, The World Bank (PDF 315kb) May 2004, Issue No. 7
 Link: PDFPublic Financial Accountability in Pakistan: The Impact of PIFRA on Capacity, By Ismaila B. Ceesay, Sr. Financial Management Specialist, SARFM, The World Bank (PDF 119kb) April 2004, Issue No. 6
 Link: PDFBuilding Capacity in Post-Conflict Countries, By Alastair J. McKechnie, Country Director for Afghanistan, Bhutan, Maldives, and Regional Programs in the South Asia Region, The World Bank (PDF 132kb) March 2004, Issue No. 5
 Link: PDFWBI-China Health Sector Partnership: Fourteen Years and Growing, By Chialing Yang, Consultant, WBIHD, Hu Shanlian, Professor, Fudan University, and Abdo S. Yazbeck, Lead Economist, WBIHD (PDF 128kb) February 2004, Issue No. 4
 Link: PDFMonitoring and Evaluation for Results: Lessons from Uganda, By Arild O. Hauge, Consultant, Operations Evaluation Department (OED), and Keith Mackay, Senior Evaluation Officer, OED (PDF 131kb) January 2004, Issue No. 3
 Link: PDFCapacity Enhancement at the Institutional Level: Three Case Studies in Telecommunications, By Vera Wilhelm, Senior Economist, PRMVP and Susanna Mueller, PREM, The World Bank (PDF 411kb) December 2003, Issue No. 2
 Link: PDFNurturing Capacity in Developing Countries: From Consensus to Practice, By Govindan G. Nair, Lead Economist, World Bank Institute (PDF 251kb) November 2003, Issue No. 1

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