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Resources for Development Practitioners

To improve the thinking and practice around results-oriented capacity development, this website provides an overview of literature, lessons learned, and good practices, as well as links to development agencies and other knowledge sources.
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"Capacity Development and Results Framework"

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The framework offers guidance on the design, strategy, evaluation, and management of capacity development initiatives. It emphasizes the diagnosis and understanding of institutional capacities.

Arrow: Orange Box Forum on Improving the Results of Learning for Capacity Building               (Jun 17-19, 2009)

Arrow: Orange Box LenCD Resource Kit on Capacity Development 

Arrow: Orange Box The Third High Level Forum on Development Effectiveness, Accra, Ghana(Sep 2-4, 2008)

Arrow: Orange Box  The Berlin Statement on Aligning Training Efforts for Capacity Development   (July 8, 2008)  

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 Archived News

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The resources presented in these topics aim to address global challenges encountered by practitioners of capacity development through the sharing of best practices and lessons learned.

Archived Issues
Arrow: Blue Box Gender, Culture & Capacity
Arrow: Blue Box Science and Technology
Arrow: Blue Box Anti-Corruption & Transparency

Arrow: Orange Box Brain Drain
Dealing with the loss of expertise due to international migration of skilled workers from LDCs.
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Arrow: Orange Box Fragile States
Turning fractured instutitions into the stable foundations necessary for future development efforts.
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Arrow: Orange Box Leadership
How empowering local and national leaders can improve the social and economic landscape.


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