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  • Project DetailsIn Sierra Leone, a $20 million grant project is aimed to increase short term employment opportunities and to improve employability of targeted youth. The program is expected to reduce social pressures and the risk of conflict.
  • Study Details Based on 200 in-depth interviews and surveys of 1,500 employers and 1,500 youth in 9 countries, this report explores how private stakeholders can contribute to improved employment prospects for the region's youth.
  • Event Details The United Nations has designated August 2010 - 2011, for the promotion of youth development and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.
  • Contest Details The Bank's 2011 competition attracted more than 1,900 submissions from over 150 countries.

World Development Report 2007 Youth at Risk in Latin America and the Caribbean (pdf) Supporting Youth at Risk toolkit (pdf)

Investing in Children and Youth Today
The new report cites that investing in children and youth genertates positive returns (pdf 404kb)

Active Labor Market Programs for Youth
A Framework to Guide Youth Employment Interventions (pdf 439kb)

Investing in Young Children
An Early Childhood Development Guide for Policy Dialogue and Project Preparation (pdf 2.7mb)



Aug 11, 2011International Year of Youth: How is Youth Empowerment Promoting Rural Development?
Feb 23, 2011Social Protection and Labor: Staying Resilient in a Volatile World