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Costs and Financing

What are the potential costs of Early Child Development (ECD) interventions, how do benefits of programs relate to their cost, and which are possible sources for financing them? 

This section explores the following:

  • Estimating Costs
    In designing an ECD program, estimating costs serves several purposes. First, it forms the basis of the program budget that will allow to implement the program in relation to available resources.
  • Analyses of Costs and Benefits
    Second, estimating costs will help in making an economically feasible choice between different programs. However, the program with the lowest costs might not always be the best choice. Several methods have been developed to analyze costs in relation to the benefits of an intervention.
  • Financing Options
    Finally, insight in the future costs of a program will show which costs have to be covered over time. Insight in the amount of resources needed is a first step in identifying which financing sources to mobilize. It will also enable fundraising and requests for contributions.
  • ECD Calculator
    This calculator allows you to calculate the economic benefits of comprehensive ECD programs. The calculator focuses on the benefits of ECD programs that become apparent through a better ability to take advantage of the schooling system.