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Assessment of existing ECD programs

Before setting-up a new Early Child Development (ECD) program, it is important to know which ECD services are already being provided. The following list provides some guidelines that may be useful.

Start with an inventory of existing programs:

  • Identify existing ECD programs (government programs as well as NGO or community projects and private initiatives)
  • Examine approaches used by the existing programs (home or center-based; aimed at parents or children, etc.)
  • Involve parents and/or communities in designing, implementing, monitoring the program

Access, coverage and use of existing ECD programs (both public and private institutions):

  • Access: % of children who have access to preschool and/or child care centers in their region.
  • Coverage: (gross enrollment rates) % of children enrolled in ECD programs
  • Use: Attendance rates
  • Parent training programs: % of children whose parents participate in parent education

Quality assessment of existing programs:

  • teacher qualification (% of teachers that have adequate qualification)
  • teacher remuneration, motivation, satisfaction
  • amount and quality of pre- and in-service training
  • child/teacher ratio
  • class or group-size
  • physical environment of child center (presence of shade, light, space, ventilation, heating, a fence, water, sanitation; safety requirements)
  • materials and equipment (toys, learning materials, books, furniture, mattresses or mats for the children, blankets, etc.)
  • curriculum used in preschools
  • interaction between ECD teacher/worker and child
  • training institutions for ECD teachers or workers: number of yearly graduates, curriculum, etc.

Cost and financing of ECD programs:

  • cost per child of the existing programs
  • investment costs vs. operating or recurrent costs
  • % of education budget allocated to ECD
  • identify financers of public, private or NGO programs (e.g. beneficiaries, government, international NGOs, bilateral donors, etc.)
  • average family expenditures per child enrolled in ECD programs (fee, transportation, clothing, voluntary work, etc.)