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Child Needs Assessment (CNA) Toolkit

The Child Needs Assessment (CNA) Tool Kit was developed by the Early Child Development Team, Education Sector of the World Bank and the Task Force for Child Survival and Development.

The CNA Toolkit provides organizations working in communities impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic a methodology, questionnaire and software for assessing the needs of young children. Using the furnished survey, interviewers gather information about the family and the main caregiver of young children from sample households, as well as facts regarding the basic needs and unmet needs of each child under 8 years of age. After entering survey information using pre-programmed data entry screens based on Epi Info 6, organizations can use a furnished software program to analyze the data and generate reports. These reports can be used to help design service programs, secure funding, and monitor and evaluate programs specifically targeting the needs of young children and their families in AIDS-impacted areas

The survey is designed to collect information on the following domains related to the needs of young children:

  • Health care quality and access of both the children and primary caregiver
  • Health status of both the children and primary caregiver
  • Main caregiver's ability to care for an ill child
  • Availability of support for the primary caregiver
  • Basic needs such as clothing and bedding
  • Nutrition
  • Education
  • Child care (other than by primary caregiver)
  • Legal needs such as loss of property upon death of parent, guardianship
  • Discrimination and stigma due to HIV in the family
  • Family income and resources
  • Living conditions such as housing, sanitation
  • Psychosocial needs such as consistency in caregiver, stimulating daily activities, and behavioral, emotional and developmental problem


The CNA Toolkit is available free of charge. To download the Child Needs Assessment Toolkit to a disk by following the below steps:

  • Right click on the following link:CNA Tool Kit [PDF file 1.1MB]
  • Choose "Save Target As" from the menu
  • Open the folder where you want the file(s) to be located, or choose "Desktop" to place the file(s) on your desktop
  • Click "Save" to start downloading the Toolkit to the file you chose

If you have problems, or would rather open the Tool Kit in segments, we have provided the Toolkit divided into four sections below:

Printing: If you are planning on printing the Toolkit, we recommend you download the entire file prior to printing rather than opening it in Adobe Acrobat online. This will avoid the possibility of missed pages from incomplete data.

CNA (EpiInfo) Software to enter and analyze data gathered with CNA questionnaire: The self-extracting zipped files for installation of the software is available on the Task Force for Child Survival website at

If you are interested in participating in field testing efforts, please contact Martha Rogers at