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Early Child Development (ECD) Calculator

The revised and improved Early Child Development (ECD) Calculator (designed by the Amsterdam Institute for International Development -AIID) allows you to calculate the economic benefits of comprehensive Early Child Development programs. The calculator focuses on the benefits of ECD programs that become apparent through a better ability to take advantage of the schooling system. Children who participated in ECD programs are more likely to enroll on time, have better learning capacities, are less likely to repeat classes or drop out, and have a higher probability to progress to secondary and higher levels of schooling. The result is a better educated population (or birth cohort). The benefits, to individuals and to society, of higher levels of education are enormous. The ECD calculator provides a framework that will allow us to think about the economics of Early Child Development—to think about ECD programs as an investment. It will also help to put together the wealth of information on the effectiveness of ECD, to form coherent ECD policies.

To download the revised version of the ECD calcualtor, go to Amsterdam Institute for International Development (AIID) website.

The ECD calculator allows you to calculate the Net Present Value of an ECD program that results in increased school enrollment and improved school-achievement of a cohort (the "targeted group") of 1,000 newborns. It is assumed that the ECD program improves the survival chances, the nutritional status, and/or the cognitive development of the target group. This results in better schooling outcomes. The latter is translated into increased lifetime productivity. The program provides the Present Value of this increase in lifetime productivity, net of the additional schooling costs.The end result, the Net Present Value, is the maximum amount one can invest in an ECD program for 1,000 children and still break even.

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