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About Y2Y

Y2Y (Youth to Youth Community) is a network of young World Bank Group employees aiming to channel fresh ideas and perspectives into World Bank Group operations and to engage, inspire and empower youth in development.

Our group was formed as a response to growing recognition of the critical role that youth plays in development, both as a target group and as a partner; The seminal event of Y2Y was the Youth Development and Peace conference convened by the WB in Sarajevo in September 18, 2003, which brought together for consultations young people from over 70 countries.

Y2Y was subsequently launched on February 27, 2004 with a mission to bring fresh ideas from young Bank staff to the forefront and to increase and improve the investments affecting young people. Young employees at the Bank constitute a source of knowledge and innovation, and when harnessed effectively, provide the Bank with an excellent resource and opportunity to make a vital contribution to the youth agenda and other important development issues.

Y2Y is run by a Steering Committee, whose members are elected each year and who work on a voluntary basis. The roles and responsibilities of the Steering Committee are outlined in a set of Governing Principles.

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Y2Y Mission

Y2Y is a community of young people within the World Bank, as well as external partners, who can provide a reservoir of fresh ideas, channel the energy and perspectives of young people into the world of the organization.

The community serves as a mechanism to:

  • Channel the ideas of internal young staff into the Bank
  • Channel the ideas of external young people into the Bank
  • Build partnerships between these two groups

The community also provides a professional and social network for young professionals interested in development, as well as a place to enhance learning opportunities.

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Who is Y2Y

Y2Y members include ~2000 Young Bank staff and other interested individuals. Y2Y is also maintaining partnerships with other youth focused organizations and young staff organizations in the DC area to represent young people outside of the World Bank group. An elected Steering Committee, comprised of 16 young employees working on a voluntary basis, is in place to ensure smooth day-to-day functioning. An Advisory Board, consisting of Senior World Bank staff has been formed to provide strategic guidance and feedback.

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Y2Y Membership

Y2Y Community is led by young World Bank and IFC staff working on any type of contract in the regions, networks and sectors across the World Bank Group.

Membership is open to staff who are committed to the idea of forming a community of young staff within the Bank to make effective use of fresh perspectives and ideas; who are committed to development issues which affect youth globally and who believe in mainstreaming young issues internally; and are on open-ended, term or consultancy positions at the World Bank.

If you are interested in becoming a member send an email to:

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Y2Y maintains partnerships with a number of internal and external groups. Currently, partnerships have been built with the JPA Community Association, Young Connection from the Inter-American Development Bank, the Young Americas Business Trust from the Organization of American States, A Roof for My Country, Play4Development, the United Nations Association and the UN Young Professionals, among others. Y2Y also drives a Network of DC Area Youth Organizations, whose members meet periodically to discuss areas of common interest and opportunities for collaboration and volunteering opportunities.

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A permanent governance structure has been put in place in January of 2005, based on Y2Y's founding principles which were adopted in November 2004. The Steering Committee consists of 16 chairs, each of which has two representatives who serve on voluntary basis. The Chairs are: Secretary, Communications, Finance, Events, and Partnerships and YIF.

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Advisory Board

An Advisory Board, consisting of Senior World Bank staff has been formed to provide strategic guidance and feedback. The steering group will meet with Advisory Board members twice a year. The current Advisory Board members are:

  • Pamela Cox, Senior Vice President, Change Management
  • Dorothy Berry, Vice President, IFCHR
  • Nena Stoiljkovic, Vice President, IFC Advisory Services
  • Hasan Tuluy, Vice President, Latin America Region
  • Janamitra Devan, Vice President, Finance and Private Sector Development
  • Inger Anderson, Vice President, Middle East and North Africa
  • Rachel Kyte, Vice President, Sustainable Development Network
  • Cyril Muller, Vice President, External and Corporate Relations
  • Isabel Guerrero, Vice President, South Asia Region
  • Adrian Poffley, Chief Administration Officer, Human Resources
  • Alejandro Cedeno, Special Assistant to Vice Presdient, East Asia


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