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Y2Y Mentorship Program

The Y2Y Mentorship Program is designed to encourage career development of young WBG staff through one-to-one relationships with accomplished senior staff. All young staff can participate, regardless of their location or contract type.

Why run a Mentorship Program?

The World Bank is a large multifaceted institution. The aim of the program is to provide young Bank staff with mentors to help them navigate the complexities of the Bank.

What makes the Y2Y program unique?

  • It is the only mentorship program that is aimed specifically at young Bank staff (33 and under) and is open to any staff member regardless of their contract type.
  • Mentees choose their mentors.
  • The program is voluntary, informal and highly flexible.

Information for MENTEES


  • Be part of the Y2Y Community (33 years -old and under)
  • All Bank contract types are eligible (JPA, JPO, ETT/ETC, STT/STC). In the case of short term consultants, the Y2Y mentorship program would need an assurance that the mentee will be available for the duration of the program.

The process

  • Mentors provide a short bio to Y2Y, which we then compile and share with the mentees.
  • Mentees use these bios to select 3 mentors in order of preference.
  • Only one condition for selection: Mentees cannot select mentors from the same VPU.
  • Most mentors meet between 2 to 4 times with their mentees during the mentorship cycle. These meetings usually take place over lunch or coffee and last about 1 hour.

Our Mentors

  • Most of our current mentors are senior level staff (GG and above) with many years of experience in the Bank and across different sectors and Regions.
  • The majority is HQ staff, but we have a small number of mentors in country offices as well.
  • Most importantly, all mentors have a true desire to share their knowledge and experience and offer career advice to their mentees, and find mentoring a rewarding experience.


Toolkit for Mentees 

Information for MENTORS

Toolkit for Mentors 

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