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Debt Sustainability Analysis


Afghanistan - [FY12] [FY10] [FY06]

Angola - [FY09]

Armenia - [FY07]

Bangladesh - [FY10] [FY07]

Benin - [FY12] [FY10] [FY09] [FY07]

Bhutan - [FY10] [ FY08]

Burkina Faso - [FY10-02] [FY10-01] [FY08] [FY06]

Burundi - [FY11] [FY08] [FY07]

Cambodia - [FY11] [FY10] [FY09] [FY07]

Cameroon - [FY10] [FY08] [FY06]

Cape Verde - [FY10] [FY09] [FY07]

Central African Republic - [FY10] [FY09]

Chad - [FY10] [FY09] [FY07]

Comoros - [FY10-02] [FY10-01] [FY09] [FY07]

Congo, Republic of - [FY12] [FY10] [FY09] [FY07] [FY06]

Cote D'Ivoire - [FY11] [FY08]

Djibouti - [FY07]

Ethiopia - [FY10-02] [FY10-01] [FY08] [FY06]

Gambia - [FY10] [FY09] [FY07]

Georgia - [FY07]

Ghana - [FY11] [FY09] [FY08]

Guinea - [FY06]

Guinea Bissau - [FY12] [FY11] [FY10] [FY09] [FY07]

Haiti - [FY11] [FY10] [FY09] [FY07]

Honduras - [FY09] [FY07]

Kenya - [FY11] [FY09]

Kyrgyz Republic - [FY09] [FY07]

Lao, PDR - [FY11] [FY09] [FY08] [FY07]

Lesotho - [FY10] [FY09] [FY08] [FY07]

Liberia - [FY10-02] [FY10-01]

Madagascar - [FY08] [FY07]

Malawi - [FY10] [FY07]

Maldives - [FY10]

Mali - [FY10] [FY08]

Mauritania - [FY10] [FY08] [FY07]

Moldova - [FY10] [FY08]

Mongolia - [FY11] [FY10] [FY09] [FY08] [FY07]

Mozambique - [FY11] [FY10] [FY09] [FY07]

Nepal - [FY10] [FY08] [FY06]

Nicaragua - [FY06]

Niger - [FY12] [FY10] [FY09] [FY08] [FY06]

Nigeria - [FY11] [FY10]

Rwanda - [FY11] [FY10] [FY09] [FY08] [FY07]

Samoa - [FY10]

Sao Tome and Principe - [FY10] [FY09] [FY08] [FY07]

Senegal - [FY11-02] [FY11-01] [FY10] [FY08] [FY07]

Sierra Leone - [FY11] [FY10] [FY08] [FY06]

Solomon Islands - [FY12] [FY10] [FY09] [FY07]

Sri Lanka - [FY10]

Sudan - [FY08]

Tajikistan - [FY10] [FY07] [FY06]

Tanzania - [FY11] [FY10]

Timor Leste - [FY11]

Togo - [FY11] [FY10]

Tonga - [FY10] [FY09] [FY08] [FY06]

Uganda - [FY10] [FY09] [FY08] [FY07] [FY06]

Vietnam - [FY11] [FY09] [FY07]

Yemen - [FY09] [FY08]

Zambia - [FY10]

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