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Growth Analytics

Welcome to Growth Analytics which presents events, tools, good practice examples, literature, and other information related to country-level growth analytics. Below are entry points to guide you to further information for each topic.


Inclusive Growth
Inclusive Growth provides a comprehensive guide to country-level growth analytics, tools for undertaking the analysis, course materials and country cases. Here you will find the documentation of the Inclusive Growth framework and can access the Inclusive Growth Toolkit with a wide range of tools for country-level analytics, data, good practice reports and references. You will also find information about past and upcoming courses, events, literature and support.
Economic Diversification and Sustainable Growth
Economic Diversification and Sustainable Growth This project studies how countries can explore options for structural transformation by diversifying their exports in a competitive world. With the use of a new database and constructs based on product-space and income-based diversification concepts, a variety of country-specific and regional papers analyze this theme for Economic and Sector Work (ESW) as well as CEMs. A web-based tool is available for country economists to do their own analysis.
Growth In Emerging Markets
Growth in Emerging Markets Economic growth of China and India has been accompanied by even more rapid growth in their trade. PRMED - in partnership with DEC - has been analyzing the trade-related implications of these economies' rise for other developing countries. The link also contains a Global Simulation Tool for Analyzing the Effects of Growth and Policy Reform in the Presence of Production Sharing Arrangements.


Last updated: 2009-10-28

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