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Debt Management Performance Assessment (DeMPA)


InClass.gifThe DeMPA evaluates strengths and weaknesses in public debt management, through a comprehensive set of 15 performance indicators covering six core areas of public debt management: (1) governance and strategy development; (2) coordination with macroeconomic policies; (3) borrowing and related financing activities; (4) cash flow forecasting and cash balance management; (5) operational risk management; and (6) debt records and reporting. Its scope is central government public debt management and closely related functions such as issuance of loan guarantees, on-lending and cash flow forecasting and cash balance management. A DeMPA can help guide the design of actionable reform programs, facilitate monitoring of performance over time, and enhance donor harmonization based on a common understanding of priorities.

The implementation of DeMPAs and training on DeMPAs is driven by country demand. If financed under the DMF, these activities are undertaken jointly with the DMF's Implementing Partners. The mission calendar and information on DeMPA workshops are updated regularly.

DeMPA: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
The DeMPA Tool presents the 15 indicators and the scoring methodology. The Guide provides supplemental information for the use of the indicators. The Subnational DeMPA Tool [English] [Spanish] and Guide [English] have been developed given the increased trend towards decentralization and access to markets among subnational governments to meet infrastructure needs. The objective of the sub-national DeMPA tool is to strengthen subnational debt management through the application of a performance assessment framework, as is done for the sovereign DeMPA.
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Albania (Second) - [English]

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Federation of - [English]

Burkina Faso - [English] [French]

Burkina Faso (Second) - [French]

Burundi - [French]

Central African Republic - [French]

Comoros - [English] [French]

Djibouti - [French]

Ethiopia - [English]

Gambia, The - [English]

Guinea-Bissau - [English]

Maldives - [English]

Mali - [French]

Madagascar - [English]

Mauritania - [French]

Moldova, Republic of - [English] [Romanian]

Mongolia - [English]

Mozambique - [English]

Nigeria - [English]

Papua New Guinea - [English]

Sao Tome and Principe - [English]

Sao Tome and Principe (Second) - [English] [Portuguese]

Senegal - [French]

Sierra Leone - [English]

Solomon Islands - [English]

Togo - [English] [French]

Togo - [French] (Second)


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