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Medium-Term Debt Management Strategies (MTDS)


WomanAbacus.gifThe Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy (MTDS) provides a framework for formulating and implementing a debt management strategy for the medium term. It is primarily focused on determining the appropriate composition of the debt portfolio, taking into account macroeconomic indicators and market environment. MTDS is useful for illustrating government’s cost and risk tradeoffs associated with different debt management strategies and for managing the risk exposure embedded in a debt portfolio, in particular the potential variation in debt servicing costs and its budgetary impact.

The MTDS has been developed in partnership with the World Bank's Treasury Department and the IMF. Technical assistance on the MTDS is driven by country demand and is generally implemented through a baseline and a follow-up mission as well as a wide range of training activities. If financed under the DMF, MTDS mission are undertaken jointly with the IMF and, in general, with one of the DMFs Implementing Partners. Our MTDS mission calendar and information on MTDS training events are updated regularly.


The MTDS toolkit includes: A Guidance Note which describes the process of designing and implementing a debt management strategy in a low-income country context; An Analytical Tool which can be used for the cost-risk analysis; and, a draft User Guide which complements the Analytical Tool. Download the (Draft) Analytical Tool.

Guidance Note User Guide MTDS Reports









Ethiopia - [PDF]

Gambia, The - [PDF]

Ghana - [PDF1] [PDF2]

Kenya - [PDF1] [PDF2] [PDF3]

Tanzania - [PDF]

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