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Knowledge and Learning

Dissemination of knowledge on economic policies and financing for growth is a critical part of PRMED’s work program activities.  Much of PRMED’s work is disseminated in various forms and at venues including the World Bank policy research working papers series, journal articles, flagship book projects, learning events, conferences, and cross support.

Our key objective is to ensure that Economic Policy-mapped economists at the World Bank have opportunities to train on state-of-the art tools for economic policy analysis.  For this purpose we offer a program of formal training events which disseminates findings from our work program as well as introduces economists to recent advances in quantitative methods, economic policy and theory.

PRMED’s learning activities

At this time most of theses courses are open only to WorldBank staff, but a few of them may be available to a wider audience upon request.  For more information send inqueries to Economic Policy and Debt. (

Growth Analytics

Fiscal Policy


Macroeconomic Policy

Data and Tools

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