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Government Debt Management Performance Assessment Tool (DeMPA)

Date: April 17-18, 2008

Time: 8:45 am - 5:00 pm

Location: MC C1-100

Speaker(s): Carlos Braga, Director (PRMED), Alma Kanani, Senior Economist (SAR), Marcelo Andrade, Senior Country Economist (AFTP 4), Tomas Magnusson, Principal Financial Officer (BDM), Alia Moubayed, Senior Economist (ECSPE), Abha Prasad, Consultant (PRMED), Frederico Gil Sander, Consultant (PRMED), Jose Eduardo Ossio, Public Sector Specialist (LCR), Frans Ronsholt (PRMPS), Francis Rowe Economist (PRMED), Ian Storkey Consultant (Former Senior Manager, New Zealand Debt Management Office)

Description: Developing countries face various policy, institutional, and operational challenges due to weak debt management capacity and lack of efficient debt markets. The Government Debt Management Performance Assessment Tool (DeMPA) provides indicators for assessing debt management performance in LICs. It is based on the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) methodology for public financial management and sound practices in government debt management. The DeMPA is useful in conducting country dialogue, guiding the design of reform programs, enhancing donor harmonization, and monitoring performance over time. The course aims to provide an understanding of the rationale, scope, coverage, and application of the DeMPA Tool. The course format includes presentations, hands-on case studies, and a panel discussion of an operational application.

Target Audience: Country Economists and other implementers

For additional information, please contact: Abha Prasad (ext. 87629) or Mirela Catuneanu (ext. 89424), PRMED; Tomas Inge Magnusson (ext. 87851), BDM


New Trends and Challenges in Government Debt Management in Developing Countries - Carlos Braga Presentation  157 kb PDF

An Introduction To DeMPA  196 kb PDF

Life Cycle Of A Loan  169 kb PDF

Governance and Strategy Development  68 kb PDF

Coordination with Macroeconomic Policies  167 kb PDF

Borrowing and Related Financing Activities  39 kb PDF

Cash Management  72 kb PDF

Operational Risk Management  101 kb PDF

Debt Records and Reporting  777 kb PDF

The Assessment Process  50 kb PDF

DeMPA Work Program and Next Steps  163 kb PDF

Lessons Learnt from Indicator-Based Assessment: Experience of Albania  139 kb PDF

Ghana 2006 PEFA Performance Report - Marcel Andrade Presentation  75 kb PDF

Nicaragua: Government Debt Management Performance Measurement Framework - Jose Eduardo Gutierrez Ossio Presentation  263 kb PDF

Bangladesh Debt Management Performance (DeMPA) - Preliminary Findings and Suggestions for Improvement  64 kb PDF

Debt Management Performance Assessment Tool - February 5, 2008 Version  270 kb PDF

Guide To The Debt Management Performance Assessment Tool - February 5, 2008 Version  285 kb PDF

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