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Inclusive Growth

Inclusive Growth refers both to the pace and pattern of growth, which are interlinked and must be addressed together. Rapid pace of growth is unquestionably necessary for substantial poverty reduction, but for this growth to be sustainable in the long run, it should be broad-based across sectors, and inclusive of the large part of a country’s labor force. This definition implies a direct link between the macro and micro determinants of growth. While there is broad agreement on the basic policies that are important for growth and inclusive growth, strong country specific diagnostics has been underscored as critical for prioritizing and shaping these policies to fit country needs. The inclusive growth team is cooperating and receiving valuable financial support through the multi-donor DFSG trust fund.

DFSG Fifth Call for Proposals - [Award Winners]

Inclusive Growth Diagnostic Analysis Conference 2011 - [Information and Materials]



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  • Inclusive Growth Analytics Guide - [Website]
  • Agriculture and Inclusive Growth: Key Questions and Diagnostic Tools for Country Economists - Mizuho Kida - [PDF]
  • Inclusive Growth Analysis and HRV: A Methodological Note - Eduardo Corso - [PDF]
  • Inclusive Growth Analysis in Economies Prone to International Migration - Jennifer Keller and Elina Scheja - [PDF]
  • Inclusive Growth and Employment: Conceptual and Methodological Challenges, Jesús Crespo Cuaresma and Anna Raggl - [PDF]
  • Inclusive Growth in Natural Resource Intensive Economies - Andrew M. Warner - [PDF]
  • Rural Innovation for Inclusive Growth - Alan de Brauw - [PDF]
  • International Trade and Inclusive Growth: A Primer for Busy Operations Specialists - Daniel Lederman - [PDF]


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