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Inclusive Growth Workshops


These PREM-sponsored workshops bring together country teams, prominent academics, and senior Bank staff to brainstorm ways to achieve and sustain inclusive growth.

A number of learning initiatives in the last few years have sought to raise the level of economic analysis on growth in the Bank’s ESW, by making it more responsive to recent developments in academia, more reflective of country specificities, and less reliant on generic text book prescriptions. Drawing in large part from the Hausmann-Rodrik-Velasco (HRV) (2005) “Growth Diagnostics” methodology, these learning initiatives have attempted to improve the quality of growth analysis by identifying the most important constraints to growth and helping set priorities for policy interventions to relieve those constraints.

In the end of 2007, the idea of Shared Growth Workshops was launched, as a cooperative effort between PRMVP, PRMPR, PRMED and PRMPS, to assist country teams in formulating strategies and identifying policies to generate rapid, sustained, and inclusive growth. The objective of the workshop is not necessarily to reach final conclusions about binding constraints, but rather to challenge and question the traditional development story of a country as a means of refining the arguments in support of the traditional development story or identifying more plausible alternatives.

In these workshops, members of a country team meet with an External Advisory Panel, consisting of prominent academics working on growth and poverty, and with relevant stakeholders and country experts to brainstorm the major development constraints of a country. The composition of the panel depends on the particular country context. While country teams are free to decide the methodology they want to use (i.e., it is not limited to the HRV framework), it should include analyses of growth as well as poverty and inequality. These workshops are intended primarily for country teams in early stages of new analytical work or the preparatory process for a new country strategy. Summaries and presentations from past workshops can be found below.


Workshop Summaries and Presentations

Tajikistan - November 25, 2008

Cambodia - February 25, 2008

Zambia - November 19, 2007


Contact Information

If you are interested in organizing a similar workshop, please contact Susanna Lundstrom ( for details.

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