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Aggregated Growth Analysis


Income Benchmarking Tool 

This empirical tool has been developed to help understand long term implications of a country's or region's hypothetic growth path, in comparison with other countries or regions. It contains easily produced graphs comparing historical growth rates in a specific country and the selected benchmark countries. Moreover, for a specific country or region, it helps to answer the questions such as: What growth rate will be required in order to achieve the GDP level of the comparative country? Or, alternatively, how many years will it take given current growth rates?


Growth Forecasting Tool

This excel based tool produces forecasts of real GDP growth rates for all developing countries for the 2005-2024 period using the methodology as outlined in Growth Trends in the Developing World: Country Forecasts and Determinants. In addition, the tool presents forecasts of the growth determinants for 56 developing countries and allows the users to input their own forecasts of the growth determinants.

Good practice example: Benin - What are the Binding Constraints to Growth in Benin?


Measuring Growth In Total Factor Productivity

This excel based tool is designed to implement the production methodology for measuring growth in total factor productivity following the methodology outlined in PREM Note 42. The instructions sheet summarizes the empirical framework; documents the sources of data used for the example of the Republic of Korea and explain how these data can be changed for applications to other countries.

Good practice example: Mongolia - Growth Diagnostics for a Resource-Rich Transition Economy: The Case of Mongolia


Growth Accounting and Potential Growth Tool 

This file computes a potential DGP growth rate for an economy, based on growth accounting, demographic and labor decomposition for the analyzed economy. The example presented is based on calculations using Togo data. Note that the user will have to plug in country-specific data and assumptions when available, and potentially make some changes to adjust the tool to data availability in the country in question.


Rate of Returns to Capital [Forthcoming]

This web-based tool allows users to calculate the rate of return to capital at the country level. The tool will facilitate the calculations by offering a "step-by-step" disaggregation of assets; adjustments for the rates of depreciation for country specific factors and variations in asset classifications; as well as the opportunity to calibrate the stock of capital and income accrued to capital series under various scenarios.

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