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Economic Diversification and Growth Analysis


Economic Diversification in Developing Countries - A Toolkit

The Export Diversification Web tool is a user-friendly interactive tool to understand the patterns and extent of economic and export diversification in developed and developing countries. It allows the user to analyze long term trends in a variety of aggregate and sector-specific indicators and their implications for growth at the country-specific and multi-country level in the form of charts and tables. (Version 2.0 posted December 23, 2009).


Export Sophistication Analysis [forthcoming]

This excel based tool can be used to gauge the income potential of products exported by a country or a group of countries as well as the implications of structural and export diversification for long term growth. Users can analyze the sophistication and income potential of a product as well as the whole country’s export basket following the new methodology outlined in Hausmann, Hwang & Rodrik (2007) as well as previous literature. The tool is useful in informing policy decisions to spur economic diversification and its potential for leapfrogging.


Product Space Framework for Structural Transformation and Growth [forthcoming]

This framework has been developed to analyze country-specific and cross-country sector-level possibilities for structural transformation in middle and low-income countries. It is based on the Hausmann-Klinger (2007) and Barabasi et. al. (2008) Product Space methodology, and is useful for analyzing the implications of sector-focused industrial policies for sustainable growth.

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