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Poverty and Growth Analysis


Poverty Analysis Tools

A collection of tools to estimate poverty and inequality measures, compare them over time, decompose them and their changes, and analyze the distributional patterns of growth, including POVCAL, PovcalNet, DAD, PovSTAT, SimSip Poverty and Poverty Analysis Toolkit.


Measuring the Growth-Poverty Link

A collection of tools that help analyzing the empirical links between growth, poverty and inequality, oriented to assisting those who may not be very familiar with analyzing microdata from household surveys. The toolkit brings different tools, gives guidance for using them and presents concrete examples using household survey data.


ADePT Poverty

ADePT Poverty is an integrated set of programs that allows users to produce a standard set of tables and graphs with basic poverty and inequality statistics. ADePT Poverty accepts both individual- and household-level data and generates about 30 tables and 7 graphs on poverty, inequality, decompositions of poverty changes, poverty profiles by socio-demographic categories, consumption regressions, poverty simulations and sensitivity analysis.

The program also produces a report with basic statistics on all variables and a list of errors, warnings and notes about the variables used in the analysis. While ADePT is operated from within Stata and written in Stata programming language, ADePT itself is Window-based and the user does not need to know Stata to work with the program.


Poverty and Social Impact Analysis (PSIA)

A variety of tools and techniques are presented to carry out Poverty and Social Impact Analysis (PSIA). PSIA is a systematic, analytical approach for the analysis of the distributional impact of policy reforms on the well-being or welfare of different stakeholder groups, with particular focus on the poor and vulnerable. PSIA promotes evidence-based policy choices and fosters debate on policy reform options to release different constraints to growth and poverty reduction.


Analyzing Survey Data

A collection of basic tools for researchers and analysts using household datasets with a special focus on LSMS surveys.

Last updated: 2009-01-27