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  • Brussels: Inclusive Growth Analytics and the Diagnostic Facility for Shared Growth
    Jan 2010 -[Document] 
  • Innovation and Inclusive Growth
    Dec 2009 - [website]
  • Washington, DC: USAid: Inclusive Growth: Framework and Application
    Nov 2009 -[Document] 
  • London: Strengthening Political Economy Understanding for Growth Analysis
    Nov 2008 -[Document]
  • Tajikistan: External Advisory Panel Workshop
    Nov 2008 -[Document]
  • Shared Growth and Job Creation in Africa: Engines and Barriers - Oxford
    Mar 2008 -[Document]
  • Cambodia: Sustaining Rapid Growth Workshop - Harvard
    Feb 2008[Document]
  • Zambia: Shared Growth Workshop - Harvard
    Nov 2007 -[Document]

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