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Debt Management Facility (DMF) - Milestones

June 2012Third Annual DMF Stakeholders' Forum was held in Accra, Ghana
June 2012Launch of the Debt Manager's Network (DMN) 
June 2011The second annual DMF Stakeholders’ Forum was held in Berne, in joint collaboration with the Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). The event coincided with the 20th anniversary of Swiss debt relief program for poor, highly-indebted countries.
September 2010First 'call for nominations' for the Debt Management Practitioners Program.
October 2010"Sovereign Debt and the Financial Crisis: Will this time be different?" was presented as a collection of essays looking at current policy challenges in debt management around the world.
July 2010First DMF Newsletter was published. The DMF Newsletter is a quarterly publication addressed to debt management practitioners from developing countries, technical assistance providers, DMF stakeholders and development community at large.
March 2010First DMF Stakeholders’ Forum was held in Tunis in collaboration with the African Development Bank.
October 2009"Debt Relief and Beyond: Lessons Learned and Challenges Ahead" was published with the support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
June 2009World Bank teamed up with Commonwealth Secretariat to help indebted countries.
May 2009DMF became fully operational with the signing of most administrative agreements and secured financial contributions.
March 2009Managing Public Debt: Formulating Strategies and Strengthening Institutional Capacity” was presented to the Boards of the World Bank and the IMF. It is a progress report on the development and implementation of the PDM work program.
November 2008DMF was launched during the United Nations Financing for Development Conference in Doha, Qatar.
May 2007Strengthening Debt Management Practices: Lessons from Country Experiences and Issues Going Forward” was presented to the Boards of the World Bank and the IMF, who endorse a Public Debt Management (PDM) program for Low-Income Countries.

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