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Inclusive Growth Analytics

Course Description
This course aims to equip economists with a variety of tools and strategies for diagnosing the binding constraints to inclusive growth. This course will discuss what “inclusive growth” analytics entail in a developing country context, what policy questions it aims to address and introduces analytical tools that have been used in Bank operational work to answer such policy questions. The course specifically outlines the key steps in conducting growth diagnostic work and provides participants with hands-on applications of key methodological tools (at both the macro and micro level) for inclusive growth analysis, including: growth decompositions, growth accounting, estimating returns to human capital investment, accounting for demography in human capital acquisition, estimating returns to investment, trade concepts in growth, export diversification, income benchmarking, assessing innovation and adaptation, and evaluating export diversification and export sophistication (PRODY/EXPY analysis). The course will also provide a methodological framework for evaluating the costs and projected benefits of reform (analysis of binding constraints). The course will provide hands-on exercises for most methodological tools and toolkits, utilizing data from a growth diagnostics case-study currently underway.
Learning Objectives
To provide participants with the methodological tools and approaches for examining the constraints to growth that is broadly shared by the population, using macroeconomic and microeconomic data.
Target Audience
Country economists/other economists conducting Growth Diagnostic Analysis: Analysis which aims to methodically utilize a variety of data and tools to better understand the constraints to economic growth, investment, and productive employment in a country.
  • Olivier Cadot, Senior Trade Economist, PRMTR and Professor, University of Lausanne
  • Jesus Crespo Cuaresma, Professor, University of Innsbruck
  • Vandana Chandra, Senior Economist, DECOS
  • Leonardo Garrido, Consultant, PRMED
  • Mark Dutz, Senior Economist, PRMED
  • Edgardo Favaro, Lead Economist, PRMED
  • Halsey Rogers, Lead Economist, PRMED
  • Emilio Porta, Senior Education Economist, HDNED
  • Siddharth Sharma, Young Professional, PRMED
  • Jennifer Keller, Senior Economist, PRMED
Materials - General
Materials - Day One

Growth Models, Growth Diagnostics: Edgardo Favaro

  • Inclusive Growth Analysis: Theory and Practice – [Document]
  • Inclusive Growth Analysis: HRV – [Document]
  • Inclusive Growth Course: Basic Questions – [Document]

Inclusive Growth Framework: Leonard Garrido

  • Inclusive Growth Framework – [Document]

Growth Accounting, Growth Decompositions: Leonardo Garrido

  • Growth Decompositions and Productivity Trends – [Document]
  • Hands on Exercises for Growth Decomposition (continues into days 2 and 3) –
Materials - Day Two

Income Benchmarking: Leonardo Garrido

Human Capital as a Constraint to Growth: Jesus Crespo Cuaresma

  • Human Capital as a Constraint to Economic Growth – [Document]
  • Demography, Human Capital and Cross-Country Income Differences – [Document]
  • Empirical Exercise on Population Pyramids – [Forthcoming]

Rates of Return to Human Capital: Emilio Porta and Halsey Rogers

  • Measuring Rates of Return to Human Capital: Overview and ADePT Demonstration – [Document]
  • (Hands on exercise using Adept online)
Materials - Day Three

Rates of Return to Physical Capital: Leonardo Garrido

  • Social Returns to Investment and Rate of Return to Capital – [Document]
  • Hands on Exercise:
    • Rates of Return to Capital – [Exercise]

Trade, Industrial Policy and Growth: Olivier Cadot

  • Trade, Industrial Policy and Growth: What Do We Know? What Guidance For Country Work – [Document]
  • A Guide to Trade Data Analysis - [Document]

Export Diversification and Growth: Vandana Chandra

  • A Conceptual Framework for Export Diversification and Sustainable Growth: Part 1 – [Document]
  • Export Diversification and Growth in Developing Countries - [Toolkit]
Materials - Day Four

Innovation and Adaptation: Mark Dutz

  • Innovation-based Inclusive Growth Strategies – [Document]

Data Sources for Inclusive Growth Analysis: Siddharth Sharma

  • Evaluating the Distributional Aspects of Inclusive Growth: A Short Guide to Data – [Document]

Valuing Constraints and the Cost of Reform: Edgardo Favaro

  • Valuing Constraints and the Cost of Reform - [Document]
Materials - Day Five

Growth Diagnostic in Practice: Dino Merotta

  • Uganda Growth Diagnostic: A World Bank Pilot - [Document]

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