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BBL on Avian Inflluenza Communications

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BBL on Avian Influenza Communications

A BBL on what has been learned about the AI communications component in other bank regions and institutional partners. While communications is one of the three components of AHI programs, TTLs and counterparts are still struggling to understand what does "strategic communications" really mean: "behavior-change with at-risk populations; advocacy at the highest political and civic levels; risk-communications preparedness. Moving away from traditional IEC posters and leaflets production is crucial to facilitating institutional responses, an informed and pro-active population, and an educated and trusted government.

Presentations were made by:

Mario Bravo, Sr. Communications Officer, EXTCD, (DevComm) -  view document
Susan Zimicki, Director, CHANGE Project, AED - view document
Ketan Chitnis, Programme Communication Officer, UNICEF - view document
Mark Rasmuson, Vice President and Director, 
   Center for Social Marketing and Behavior Change - view document 

January, 2008

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