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Training & Capacity Building

CommGAP provides training on how to approach and overcome difficult challenges in governance reform for staff at the World Bank, other bilateral and multilateral development agencies and reform managers in developing countries. This program is based on the knowledge and insights gained through research and the multi-stakeholder dialogues convened by CommGAP. It introduces a set of core communication training modules focusing on governance and accountability issues.

The first course in CommGAP's global learning program entitled “People, Politics, and Change: Communication Approaches for Governance Reform”, has been piloted in Africa, Asia, and in the US. The course pilots were attended by government officials and governance specialists with real-world experience in implementing reforms (see video-clips below of course participants sharing their views on the importance of communication in governance reform).


Communication Concepts and Principles - Animation videos (2010)

  • These short 5 minute videos, produced in collaboration with the World Bank Institute, use animation as an innovative learning medium designed to present in an engaging format key communication concepts and principles. Using CommGAP’s Technical briefs as the main reference material, the graphical animation videos are a creative complement to existing learning support tools.

Strategic Communication Decision Support Tool - a hands-on, interactive learning tool designed to help reform managers and operational teams in developing and implementing a communication strategy aimed at creating multi-stakeholder support for reform and change initiatives.

Building Commitment to Reform through Strategic Communication: The Five Key Decisions (PDF, 789KB), by Cecilia Cabañero-Verzosa and Helen R. Garcia

Negotiating Difference - an online learning support tool which can help users improve their effectiveness in skillfully handling difficult multi-stakeholder dialogue where multi-party interests lead to entrenched bargaining positions.

Participants of the People, Politics, and Change course shares their views on the importance of communication in governance reform (Windows Media Player).


Anthonia Ekpa, Deputy Director, Bureau of Public Service Reforms, Office of the President, Nigeria (2:43 minutes)


Henry Mambo, Communication Director, Public Service Reform Programs, Tanzania (0:47 minutes)


Sunil Mitra, Principal Secretary, Department of Power and Non Conventional Energy Sources, State Government of West Bengal, India (2:28 minutes)


Zubaru Kaloko, General Manager, National Power Authority (1:30 minutes)


Ernest Surrur, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy and Power, Sierre Leone (4:13 minutes)

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