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Research Studies

Examples of CommGAP-supported or commissioned research studies completed or currently under way include:

  • A randomized study of the deliberative spaces created through development interventions in Karnataka, India.
    This study will analyze the impact of efforts to improve the quality of deliberation, social accountability and citizen participation under conditions of sharp increases in the budgets of democratic village governments. The outcomes to be studied are the impact on the quality of public goods and civic engagement, and corruption. This research is undertaken by the Development Economics Group of the World Bank.
  • Communication, Coalition-Building and Development: The Experience of Public Enterprise Reform in West Bengal and Orissa States, India.
    This study examines the very different approaches to communication around similar reform programs in two states in India—approaches that were dictated by the vastly different contexts and political settings in each state. The case study is included in the publication Governance Reform under Real-World Conditions: Citizens, Stakeholders, and Voice.
  • Survey of NGO Practitioners about Communication and Social Accountability Tools
    CommGAPcommissioned a quantitative survey of NGO practitioners to probe issues around communication processes and practitioners’ views on the role of communication and public opinion in the use and effectiveness of social accountability tools. To learn more and access the survey report, click here.

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