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The Missing Link


Author: Henriette von Kaltenborn-Stachau

High expectations for a quick “peace dividend”, a public that does not trust the state, and state-citizen relations severed by years of exclusion are among the most challenging issues national governments, and the international community supporting them, encounter in planning and executing post-conflict recovery programs. These issues are too often neglected by policy makers. Experience has shown the cost of this oversight. Because of their direct relation to long-term stability and governance, dealing with these issues needs to be at the very heart of post-conflict work. This study applies the public sphere as a framework to deal with the “connective tissue” of state-building and calls for change in current post-conflict assistance policy and practice.

Publication Date: September 2008

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Policy Brief: The Missing Link - Fostering Positive Citizen-State Relations in Post-Conflict Environments (PDF, 234KB, 6 pages)

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