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Many of below videos can also be accessed on CommGAP's YouTube Channel.

The Political Economy of Reform - Expert Videos (2010)

CommGAP and the World Bank Institute’s Governance Practice jointly organized a two-day workshop entitled “The Political Economy of Reform: Moving from Analysis to Action”. The workshop sought to explore the role that Political Economy (PE) analysis can play in supporting and informing real-world reform efforts. Following are samples of short critical content videos featuring speakers interviewed during the event (links to CommGAP's YouTube Channel)

Why do PE Analysis and what's new in this area of work?

Operationalizing PE Analysis and Building Coalitions for Reform

Communication Concepts and Principles - Animated Videos (2010)

  • These short 5 minute videos, produced in collaboration with the World Bank Institute, use animation as an innovative learning medium designed to present in an engaging format key communication concepts and principles. Using CommGAP’s Technical briefs as the main reference material, the graphical animation videos are a creative complement to existing learning support tools.

Public Sentinel: News Media and Governance Reform - Launch Event (2009)

  • On December 1, 2009 the World Bank presented the launch of the book "Public Sentinel: News Media and Governance Reform." Edited by Pippa Norris, McGuire Lecturer at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, the publication observes the role of the media as a player in world governance. The event took place the World Bank and was chaired by Caby Verzosa, Communications Adviser at the World Bank Institute. Sanjay Pradhan, World Bank Institute Vice-President, prefaced the event with remarks about the Insitute’s unique role at the Bank, which is seeking to work more closely with media groups in governance issues. Philip Keefer, Lead Economist at the World Bank’s Development Economic Research Group, offered additional commentary on the book. (B-SPAN)

Sina Odugbemi on Good Governance (2008, external link to

  • Interview with the program head of CommGAP at the Global Forum for Media Development.

Strategic Communication Decision Support Tool (2008)

  • A hands-on, interactive learning tool designed to help reform managers and operational teams in developing and implementing a communication strategy aimed at creating multi-stakeholder support for reform and change initiatives.

Negotiating Difference (2008)

  • An online learning support tool which can help users improve their effectiveness in skillfully handling difficult multi-stakeholder dialogue where multi-party interests lead to entrenched bargaining positions.

Interviews with experts on Access to Information Legislation (2008)

  • The World Bank Institute's Access to Information, Transparency and Governance Program has produced a series of expert videos on Access to Information Legislation.

The Important Role of Communication in Governance Reform (2008)

  • A few participants of the People, Politics, and Change course in 2008 shared their views on the importance of communication in governance reform.



Anthonia Ekpa, Deputy Director, Bureau of Public Service Reforms, Office of the President, Nigeria (2:43 minutes)


Henry Mambo, Communication Director, Public Service Reform Programs, Tanzania (0:47 minutes)


Sunil Mitra, Principal Secretary, Department of Power and Non Conventional Energy Sources, State Government of West Bengal, India (2:28 minutes)


Zubaru Kaloko, General Manager, National Power Authority (1:30 minutes)


Ernest Surrur, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy and Power, Sierre Leone (4:13 minutes)

African Media Development Initiative (AMDI) (2007)

  • In this video, Dr. Gerry Power, Director of Research and Knowledge Management, from the BBC World Service Trust, presents the research findings of the African Media Development Initiativ (AMDI); the most extensive independent survey of the state of the media ever conducted across 17 sub-Saharan African countries. The study reveals a widespread consensus with respect to the media's enormous potential to contribute significantly to development and governance in Africa. (B-SPAN)

BBC World video: It's all Communication (2007)

  • This video was presented at the World Congress on Communication for Development, in a session entitled Communication for Good Governance, Participation, and Transparency, and looks at three examples of successful communication for good governance in Bangladesh, Ghana, and Uganda. (Windows Media Player, 5:12 minutes)

BBC World’s World Debate: Poverty & Politics (2007)

  • A special edition of the BBC World’s World Debate on good governance and poverty was recorded at the World Bank headquarters in 2007. The panelists included: Sanjay Pradhan, Ashraf Ghani, Jagdish Bhagwati, Paul Skinner, Tajudeen Rahmann, and BBC Moderator Zeinab Badawi. (Windows Media Player, 47 minutes)

Expert Videos (2007)


David Apter, Yale University (4:45 minutes)

On the need for both frameworks and the right people in reform programs.


 KevinBarge.jpgKevin Barge, Texas A&M University (3:55 minutes)

How to use appreciative inquiry to overcome resistance to reform in public sector organizations.



David Cohen, The Advocacy Institute (6.24 minutes)

On the role of civil society in governance reform.



Rey Anthony David Jr., Great Wall Advertising (4:37 minutes)

On the need to fund communication programs for reform.



James Fishkin, Stanford University (3:57 minutes)

On the role of considered public opinion in policy reform.



George Khroda, University of Nairobi (5:58 minutes)

An example of coalition building in water sector reform in Kenya



Sumir Lal, The World Bank (3:51 minutes)

On the role of political analysis.



Peter Malinga, Human Resources Agency, Rwanda (4:27 minutes)

On engaging middle managers in governance reform.



JP Singh, Georgetown University (4:15 minutes)

On using deliberative processes to implement governance reform.



Matt Uzzell, Adam Smith International (4:09 minutes)

On the essential role of deep stakeholder analysis and governance reform.


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