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Communication for Governance and Accountability Program (CommGAP)

CommGAP aims to promote the use of communication to help governance reform programs work under real-world conditions, as well as promote the building of democratic public spheres.

CommGAP concluded in October, 2011

CommGAP, a global program at the World Bank, promotes the use of communication in governance reform programs and supports the building of democratic public spheres. Through its three program areas: Research and Advocacy, Training and Capacity Building, and Support to Development Projects and Programs, CommGAP is demonstrating the power of communication in promoting good and accountable governance and hence better development results.

This program, launched in September 2006, is funded through a 5-year Multi-Donor Trust Fund and administered by the External Affairs Vice-Presidency. The UK's Department for International Development is the founding donor of this trust fund.


  • Assists government officials in implementing governance reform programs.
  • Supports project and program managers with innovative approaches and techniques.
  • Provides evidence-based advice for policymakers.
  • Promotes collaborative research with academics.
  • Helps donors design and coordinate comprehensive communication interventions.
  • Convenes global dialogues bringing together practitioners, researchers and government decisionmakers and policymakers to advance the policy debate.
  • Leverages funds for comprehensive communication programs for developing countries.
  • Captures, distills and disseminates best practices globally.

CommGAP Brochure (pdf)