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Education Sector Strategy Paper

Immense progress has been achieved in education in the last 50 years. However, immense challenges still remain.

This report lays out the vision for education and the ambitious international goals to which the Bank subscribes. It notes the progress so far and the gaps that remain. It describes the rich group of partners associated with the educational endeavor and how the Bank's role has evolved. It conveys the Bank's global priorities and programs to help countries progress toward the international education goals and improve the quality of teaching and learning. It illustrates the processes and operating principles that will help Bank staff contribute more effectively to better educational outcomes in each client country and to monitor success in implementing this strategy.

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Education Sector Strategy (pdf - 1.51MB) - 1999

Foreword; Acknowledgments; Abstract; Executive Summary; Abbreviations and Acronyms; Implementation Plan

CHAPTERS 1 - 7 (pdf - 230KB)
Chapter 1: The Context: Education in a Changing World
Chapter 2: The Vision: Quality Education for All
Chapter 3: Education Today: Progress Achieved, Progress Needed
Chapter 4: Partnering: A World of Opportunities
Chapter 5: The Bank's Role Thus Far: Learning by Doing
Chapter 6: Moving Forward: What the Bank Will Do
Chapter 7: Moving Forward: How the Bank Will Do It

ANNEXES (pdf - 1.26MB)
Annex 1: The Three Pillars of a Good Education System
Annex 2: Further Remarks on the Checklist of Questions
Annex 3: Education Indicators (Maps)
Annex 4: Education Indicators by Region and by Country (Tables)
Annex 5: Education Lending by Region and by Country
Annex 6: Summary of International Initiatives
Annex 7: Summary of Regional Strategies
Annex 8: Selected World Bank Education Bibliography

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