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Previous Education Strategies

Education Strategy

In Spring 2011, the Bank launched its Education Strategy for the next ten years. The strategy focuses on “learning for all” and investing early, investing smartly, and investing for all. Consultations with governments, development partners, students, teachers, researchers, civil society, and business representatives from more than 100 countries informed the strategy.
For more information please visit Education Strategy 2020.

The World Bank's work in education is anchored in an institution-wide education sector strategy, together with specific regional strategies. These strategies are revised periodically to ensure that Bank assistance is aligned with evolving country needs and global circumstances.

An education sector strategy was last prepared in 1999, with an update finalized in 2006. The vision set out in these documents remains fully relevant. The Bank’s work in education is also informed by papers prepared for the Bank's Development Committee -- its governing body. Analytical work in the areas of HIV/AIDS and education, tertiary education, science and technology, and lifelong learning also exert considerable influence on the Bank’s work in the sector.

Education Strategy Papers

Regional Education Strategy Papers

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