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Economics of Education

Education economists analyze both what determines or creates education and what impact education has on individuals and the societies and economies in which they live. Historically at the World Bank a great deal of emphasis has been placed on determining outcomes to educational investment and the creation of human capital. The primary mission of the economics of education group is to identify opportunities for improved efficiency, equity, and quality of education and promote effective education reform processes; to help improve, among both World Bank staff and clients, knowledge of what drives education outcomes and results; to better understanding how to strengthen the links of education systems with the labor market; and to build and support a network of education economists and build bridges to all those who are interested in their work.

The World Bank addresses key themes of Economics of Education through work in these five topic areas:

1) Economic Analysis of Education Interventions

2) Finance and Expenditures in Education

3) Public-Private Partnerships in the Education Sector

4) School-Based Management

5) Impact Evaluation

6) Quality of Education 

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