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Effective Schools & Teachers

Effective Schools and Teachers website was archived in a toolkit in June 2005 to assist task managers, practitioners, program designers and decision-makers in their efforts to promote best practice in education quality improvement programs around the world.

The toolkit is divided into three main parts. The first part gives an overview of effective schooling and teaching and examines effectiveness in education. Second part provides specific information about effective schools and teachers under eight domains. Third part gives some supporting information in the form of topic articles, case studies, references, and links to other sites connected to this topic.

Website link (last updated in 2002)

Table of Content
  1. An Overview of Effective Schools and Teachers
    • What are effective schools and why do they matter?
    • What is involved in effective teaching and learning?
    • Academic achievement
    • Progression to the next stage of education/training
    • Live-skills
  2. Examining Effective Schools and Teachers by Domain
    • Physical environment of the school
    • Curriculum and its assessment, instructional aid
    • Accountability mechanisms and processes, including school governance
    • Teacher supply, training, and professional development support
    • Well-being, attendance, and motivation of all pupils
    • Links and partnerships with parents and the community
    • Quality assurance and support systems
    • School leadership, internal organization and culture 
  3. Knowledge Resources


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