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School Health, Nutrition and HIV/AIDS

The World Bank seeks to mainstream School Health and Nutrition Programs and education sector responses to HIV/AIDS in all assistance to the education sector. These are essential components of achieving the goal of Education for All and the education MDGs.

School Health and Nutrition

Poor health and malnutrition prevent children from attending school and from learning while there. The equivalent of more than 200 million school years are lost each year in low income countries as a result of ill health, and the impact on learning and cognition is equivalent to a deficit of more than 630 million IQ points.

In 2000, UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO and the World Bank launched the FRESH School health and Nutrition Framework at the World Education Forum in Dakar, Senegal, as part of a global effort to mainstream school health and nutrition in education sector programs ...more

HIV/AIDS and Education

Schoolchildren are a “Window of Hope” into the future, and education is an effective “Social Vaccine” against HIV/AIDS. The Global Campaign for Education has estimated that some 7 million cases of AIDS could be avoided by the achievement of Education for All. But the capacity of the education sector to deliver the social vaccine is reduced by the impact of HIV/AIDS.

In 2002, the World Bank joined with countries and more than 30 development partners to seek to “Accelerate the Education Sector Response to HIV/AIDS” ... more

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