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Tertiary Education - Data


EdStats, short for Education Statistics, is a comprehensive education statistics database developed by the World Bank’s Education Group of the Human Development Network in collaboration with Development Data Group in the Development Economics Vice-Presidency. It compiles data from a variety of national and international sources and provides information on key education topics. 

What key data or statistics are relevant to Tertiary Education and why?
The following indicators on tertiary education are available through EdStats and are useful for a wide array of research needs.  In particular, they allow for reliable cross-national examinations and research within shared issue areas by presenting data on the most basic and universal issues facing tertiary education around the world today. 

These indicators include:

  • girl (adult female) enrollment share (%), tertiary
  • gross enrollment rate (%) tertiary, total
  • gross enrollment rate (%) tertiary, female 
  • gross enrollment rate (%) tertiary, male
  • labor force with tertiary education (% of total)
  • labor force with tertiary education, female (% of female total)
  • labor force with tertiary education, male (% of male total)
  • labor force, total
  • public education expenditures per student (% of per capita GDP), tertiary
  • share of expenditure for tertiary education (% of total expenditures)
  • student enrollment, tertiary, total
  • tertiary education, teachers
  • tertiary education, teachers (% female)

What other data resources on Tertiary Education are available through the World Bank?

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