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Tertiary Education - Projects


Examples of recent initiatives supported by Bank lending and knowledge programs in tertiary education include:  

Afghanistan: Strengthening Higher Education Program

Argentina: Lifelong Learning and Training Project
This project aims at supporting the Government of Argentina to consolidate, strengthen, and increase the coverage of a lifelong learning and competency-based training system for disadvantaged adults 18 years or older with the objectives for those who participate of: (i) enhancing employability and (ii) strengthening career ladder opportunities.

Chile: Tertiary Education Finance for Results Project
The program will support Chile's development into a knowledge-based economy, by strengthening its tertiary education system. To this end, the financing system for tertiary education will be revamped in order to enhance the quality, and relevance of tertiary education; ensure access to tertiary education; and, improve internal efficiency, and accountability for results. The Tertiary Education Finance for Results Project's development objective is to increase the effectiveness of public funding for tertiary education, so as to enhance coherence, responsiveness, and, equity and quality in the system, through stronger accountability for performance.

Colombia: Higher Education - Improving Access
The project aims to increase the equity, and improve the quality of Colombia's tertiary education system, and, to support a coherent, and efficient system by enhancing the legal, and technical framework, to consolidate the education quality assurance system.

Ethiopia: Post Secondary Education Project
The Post Secondary Education Project will directly support one of the Government's primary national development, and sectoral goals as identified in Ethiopia's Poverty Reduction Strategy: the expansion and strengthening of human capacity, to lead the transition from an agrarian economy, to a service and production oriented one. The two main project components will: 1) improve university undergraduate and post-graduate education, and 2) expand and deepen the system reform activities currently spear-headed by the Ministry of Education.

Indonesia: Higher Education for Relevance and Efficiency
The project for Managing Higher Education for Relevance and Efficiency seeks to create an enabling environment for the evolution of autonomous, and accountable public higher education institutions (HEIs), and to develop effective support mechanisms for the improvement of the quality, relevance, efficiency, and equity of higher education.

Nepal: Second Higher Education Project
The objectives of the Nepal Second Higher Education Project are: (a) enhanced quality and relevance of higher education and research through a set of incentives for promoting effective management and financial sustainability of academic institutions; and (b) improved access for academically qualified under-privileged students, including girls, dalits and educationally disadvantaged janajati to higher education through financial assistance and enhanced capacity of higher secondary schools. The project components are: component 1 - reform grants; component 2 - student financial assistance; component 3 - higher secondary education; and component 4 - strengthening system capacity.

Sri Lanka: Improving Relevance and Quality of Undergraduate Education
The project for Improving Relevance and Quality of Undergraduate Education for Sri Lanka will support the Government's long-term tertiary education reform program by enhancing institutional capacities to achieve greater relevance and quality in undergraduate programs. The project is
expected to be the first in a series of Credit operations to support the Government in carrying out its long-term reform o f tertiary education.

Vietnam: Second Higher Education Project
This project aims to increase the quality of teaching and research in universities in ways that improve the employability of graduates and the relevance of research in Vietnam. The project will achieve its objective through: (i) developing policy and building capacity at the central government level in the areas of governance, financing and quality assurance; and (ii) building capacity, relevance and autonomy at the university level.

West Bank and Gaza (WBG): Tertiary Education Project
The project has the following four components: 1) Strengthening the regulatory role of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE).  2) The Capacity Building Program will increase the internal and external efficiency of tertiary education institutions, thus improve the efficiency of the universities, and community colleges, and provide support to institutional planning and management, while supporting quality, and institutional self-evaluation. 3) Support to quality improvement of higher education institutions shall create appropriate incentives for institutions to improve the quality and relevance of the programs offered. 4) Capacity building to improve and expand the demand-side subsidies program.


World Bank Projects Database

The World Bank maintains a searchable database of all Bank projects since 1947, accessible at

Tips for searching the World Bank Projects Database for tertiary education projects:

For a complete list of tertiary and higher education projects supported by the Bank, use keywords such as “tertiary education” and “higher education” in a search of the Banks’ project database.

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