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Knowledge and Skills for the New Economy

Kegrant - Knowledge and Skills for the New EconomyIn April 2001, the UK Department For International Development (DFID) and the World Bank Group (WBG) agreed to collaborate on the Knowledge and Skills for the New Economy.

This three-year research, analysis and dissemination activity was intended to provide the tools and knowledge for policy makers in developing countries to make informed policy choices for reforming post basic education and training systems to meet the challenges of lifelong learning. To further this goal, DFID committed approximately $3.9 million to a trust fund (TF) that the WBG agreed to manage and implement. Over the past years, the TF has funded 17 studies tackling various issues. In this final stage of the project, the focus has now turned to dissemination and consultation on the overall messages and lessons that have emerged from the set of studies that were conducted.

Final Paper:
An Analysis of World Bank/DFID Knowledge and Skills for the Modern Economy Project
Executive Summary | Full Report (pdf, 555KB)
Translated Executive Summary: ArabicFrench

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