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School Health and Nutrition - Projects


The Bank’s portfolio of education projects is wide-ranging. These projects help countries, with various aspects of school health and nutrition.  Some interventions include:  expand pre-school coverage, improve the supply and quality of primary and secondary school teachers and textbooks, promote health and nutrition through the school system, provide scholarships for secondary school girls, design financing for higher education, and strengthen school management.

Recent Education Projects with a child health component in current operations:

India: The Uttar Pradesh Third District Primary Education Project
This project assists the government in its efforts towards building capacity for ensuring that all 6-10 year-old children in 42 districts of the state, especially from socially disadvantaged groups, complete a five-year primary education cycle of appropriate quality. The first component, among other things, appoints para-professional teachers, provides toilets and water facilities, conducts regular health check-ups of school children, and mobilizes and strengthens community organizations and launches awareness campaigns. The second component institutes a comprehensive teacher development system including revising the curriculum revision, improving teacher materials and modules, developing a continuous learning assessment, and monitoring classroom practices. The third component builds institutional capacity at the state, district, and sub-district level to manage primary education.

Eritrea: The Integrated Early Childhood Development Project 
This project promotes the healthy growth and holistic development of Eritrean children. The project expands access to and improves the quality of services that address young children's basic needs. One of the project components improves quality and access to early childhood education, and institutional capacity at all administrative levels. A second component strengthens the traditional safety nets for child care and protection through community-based reintegration and psycho-social support for orphans.

Malawi: The First Education Sector Support Project
This project will provide immediate financing to support the education sector in Malawi. This financing will be complementary to existing donor financed projects or programs to either fill a gap or complement these to generate a higher return on the overall investment. The project has the following six components, one of which will provide a School Health and Nutrition package to all primary schools, which will include the following cost-effective interventions: distribution of vitamin A and iron-folic acid to school children under 10 years old, de-worming, treatment of malaria and fever, and the promotion of good health and nutrition practices.

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