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Public-Private Partnerships in Education - News & Events


Mar. 31Leveraging the Private Sector for Results in Education: Increased Financing and Innovative Service Delivery
The objective of the conference is to distill guidance on the most effective approaches through which the private sector can support governments in developing countries to advance reform in the education sector.

Sept. 21-24Innovation in Partnerships: Private Initiatives and Public Policy in Education
The program explored and discussed emerging and existing policy options for governments to accelerate their progress toward achieving their stated education outcomes by partnering with the private sector. The aim was to examine methods through which the government could undertake pro-active, contextual and contemporary policy making for the education sector.
April 29

Book Launch: The Role and Impact of Public-Private Partnerships in Education


May 14-16

IFC International Education Conference 2008: “Investing in the Future: Innovation in Private Education” 

May 13

Public-Private Partnerships for ICT in Education and Contracting for Improved Service Delivery:Dialogue between Policymakers and the Private Sector and Preliminary Findings


Jun 7-8

International Seminar on the Empirical Evidence of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Education
The Human Development Network, Education, of the World Bank, has organized an international seminar on the empirical evidence of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Education. The main aim of this seminar is to examine the impact of PPPs on educational outcomes around the world, with an emphasis on less developed and developing countries. The organizers have given priority to papers with solid, credible identification strategies. The program consists of six papers and three research proposals that will be discussed. In addition, a policy forum with providers has been organized, along with an investment forum that brings together major financiers of education programs. The program is aimed at researchers and project task teams.


Oct 9-11

Latin America and the Caribbean: Lessons from Best Practices in Promoting Education for All
The conference sessions will showcase promising best practices in basic education from the Latin America and the Caribbean Region (LCR). Case studies, all supported by empirical evidence, will examine the following issues: compensatory programs, including conditional cash transfer programs; multi-grade schools; public-private partnerships; assessment systems; alternative methods to deliver educational services; and girls education.

May 22

Private Financing & Public-Private Partnerships in Education
The objective of this workshop is to understand how private education and public-private partnerships in education function in low-income areas and the role of external finance.

Feb 1-3

2006 IFC International Investment Forum for Private Higher Education


Oct 5-6, 2005

Mobilizing the Private Sector for Public Education: A PEPG - World Bank Conference
This conference focused on the public-private partnerships in education in the context of both developing and developed countries and the efficacy of such initiatives. The event attracted many of the foremost economists, political scientists, policymakers and practitioners with an interest in education policy. Public-private partnerships (PPPs) in education policy play an important role in enhancing the supply as well as the quality of human capital. In recent years, there has been a burgeoning of PPPs in different parts of the world. These initiatives are widespread—they encompass the Americas, Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. However, they differ in their forms and structures, in the extent of public and private participation, and in the forms of their participation.


Apr 11

Public Private Partnerships in Education
This course is designed to provide education task team leaders with a theoretical and practical understanding of public private partnerships in education. This course includes three main means of presentation: an introductory presentation, a series of case studies by Bank staff that have, or are planning, public private partnerships in the education sector; and a breakout session in which the course participants review the constraints and issues to partnerships from the perspective of the private sector, the public sector and the Bank.


Nov 17

Demand-Side Financing in Education 
This course is designed to provide education task team leaders and related professional staff with a theoretical and applied understanding of demand-side financing (DSF) in education -- the channeling of public funds directly to individuals or institutions on the basis of student enrollment. Participants in the course explore the use of DSF as a means to achieve a more efficient use of resources in the education sector, concurrent with targeting of underserved populations.

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