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Public-Private Partnerships in Education - Related Links


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Legal Resources and Examples of PPPs in Education
Private Operation of Public SchoolsUnited States - Sample Charter School Contract

United States – Chicago

United States- Steps for Starting a Charter School

United States – Elements of Successful Charter Schools
Professional ServicesUnited States – Supplemental Education Services Contracting private providers to supplement learning
Regulatory FrameworksUnited States – Charter School Governance Toolkit
This tool kit contains sample governance documents from charter and other schools across the country, including by-laws, policies, student, parent, and staff handbooks.

United States - Sample Charter School Governing Board Policies
This policy binder provides sample policies for the governance and operational policies essential to charter schools, as well as several other recommended policies.

United Sates – Personnel Policies and Practices,39,5,8,40&type=5&x-title=Governance
This guide is designed to help charter schools develop personnel policies and practices that meet federal, state, and local regulations. Several online resources are included, such as an employment policy and contract checklist to ensure that you have sound policies on the most critical employment topics.

United States - Charter Schools Budget and Finance,3&type=5&x-title=Budget+and+Finance

United States
This website is designed to help implement and maintain public school choice programs. Included are promising practices from a range of programs, tools, and links to many additional resources to support your choice efforts

United States
Guidance and policy letters, allocating funds to charter schools, public school choice, transportation costs

Qatar – Supreme Education Council
Description of SEC, which directs the nation’s education policy and plays an integral role in the development and implementation of the education reform effort, including the work of three implementing institutes.

Qatar – Design and Implementation of K-12 Independent Schools Reform
Higher Education Qatar – Post Secondary Education Reform in Qatar
Contracting examples from the Health Sector Example of a Contracting Plan (or Manual) Strengthening Primary Health Care Services in Country X

Terms of Reference for a Third-Party Evaluation of the Contracting Effort in a Country X

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