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One Childhood

    An Award-winning Documentary Film on School Health and Early Child Development in Eritrea


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One Childhood is an award-winning documentary film that shows us how the people of Eritrea have successfully shown us how it is possible for nations of limited means, with lower GNPs, less development, vast ethnic differences and geographical remoteness, to give its children a healthy start in life.

One Childhood tells the story of how one small nation supports the development of its children throughout their childhood through the seamless linking of early child development and school health programs, delivered in even the most inaccessible communities, by a strong partnership between the education and health teams.

We see how, with just a little training, teachers can now spot simple problems - skin and ear infections, eyesight problems - and get children help before small problems become large. We also see teachers educating children on Life Skills, peer education, girls' health, and prevention of HIV/AIDS. And we see how good education promotes good health, and good health promotes good education.

Produced by Baney Media, with support of Irish Aid and the World Bank, One Childhood is an unforgettable portrait of a people taking control over their own lives and future by ensuring good health and good education throughout their one childhood.











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