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Window of Hope

   An Award-winning Documentary Film on HIV in Africa 

The Film (30 minutes)
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Window of Hope is an award-winning documentary about HIV in Africa. Africa is at the centre of the HIV epidemic, however, in Africa, as in other parts of the world, most schoolchildren are not infected. While HIV is not curable, it is preventable therefore, if teachers can help children avoid infection then these children offer a 'window of hope' into the future - a life free of HIV.

Shot on location in Kenya and Ghana, the film follows three teachers as they impart their knowledge of HIV to students and equip them with the life skills required to avoid infection. The teachers also engage with parents and colleagues, who, in turn, spread HIV knowledge to their communities.

The Book
pdf Education and HIV / AIDS - a window of hope

The paper highlights that the education of children, and youth merits the highest priority in a world afflicted by HIV/AIDS, specifically because a good basic education ranks among the most effective - and cost-effective - means of HIV prevention. It also merits priority because the very education system that supplies a nation's future, is being greatly threatened by the epidemic, particularly in areas of high, or rising HIV prevalence. The paper confronts the destructive power of the epidemic, with the need to accelerate efforts towards achieving "education for all" goals, aiming at prioritizing education, because education is a major engine of economic, and social development, and, because education is a proven means to prevent HIV/AIDS.


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